Monday, October 8, 2007

Dupree's Back In Town...

Here you can see that my cousin Kerry (aka Dupree) is back spending a couple of nights with us. He called up and said that he'd be working in Jackson for a couple of days and would really like to stay over instead of having to travel back to Lizella every night. We were cool with that and got a huge laugh out of all the crap he brought with him. I swear it looks like he's moving in. He of course didn't have time to do laundry at his own house because he was too busy having fun at the Perry fair and therefore had no work clothes for the next he brought laundry and a myriad of other items from his house. This picture doesn't even show how he took over my ever-so-lovely/organized craft room table with a laptop and ginormous computer monitor. Gotta love the kid!

Mom, Julie and I went to put together the fair booth yesterday. I sat while they did the work because I felt swimmy. I planned a very minimalist fair booth design this year and really don't give a crap if it wins a prize or not. We all know that JES would win first place even if their design was to smear cow poopie all over the walls and leave it at I wasn't going to create more work for myself or them by adding more stuff. I got all of the prep work done before the teeth ordeal, so they just had to do the installation and stapling. I'll post pics of that soon. Julie's got the Edge and the camera is in it. Mom and Kerry are currently picking up Mexican food. I've been craving it for days and can finally open my jaws up enough to squeeze some in and am very excited about it!!

Thanks to my buddies for checking in on me and the "get well" wishes...times like these are interesting, because you can easily tell the ones who REALLY care and the ones that just blow smoke so people THINK they care. Smoke blowers piss me off, thank you bunches to the non-smoke blowers. I love you lots.


K2daK October 9, 2007 at 8:31 PM  

He just feels at home, you and Julie do that to people, make them feel at home. Look at my kid, he gets in the dog toys, cons snacks out of you guys, gets to play on the floor with a blanket, I mean seriously, this could be Rhino crashing at your house in 20 years. :)

Monkey October 9, 2007 at 8:59 PM  

Dude! That would be so much fun, we will have to train Rhino at an early age that board games/card games are a must! Kerry, mom and I had so much fun playing Phase 10 the other night! Rhino can share CHEETOS with me anytime! ;)

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