Saturday, October 6, 2007

Alive and Well...

with a little help from my friend, the little Big Toe. :) I love him! Julie went here to my other blog of lists and favorites and did some recon (had that coolness along with an ipod cover called an ifrogz mailed to KK's house). So, when I got home from THE DREADED 5th SUPER DUPER FUN, I got to open some presents. I fully believe that anytime you go through a dramatic time (which for me is anything involving a table where they strap you down and shove a needle in your arm to make you sleep and get things ripped out of your mouth) you should get some sort of good shiznick out of it. Really. Seriously. People should buy your ass some presents to make it all better. And that she did. Can't beat that. My mom who knows this special rule as well, bought me two sweaters, a shirt and some kind of spice holder thingamajig. I'm telling ya, I should get stuff ripped out of my mouth more often. Hmm...thinking about it. NO. I take that back. :) Really though, the whole worrying over it for months and the sitting and waiting to be strapped down (they really did that) was way worse than the whole ordeal. Check this out...I'm such a toughy that when we got home I just took one dose of the hydrocodone, threw it up and have had no more pain meds since. I'm thinking this doc must be the most gentle teeth remover on the planet...or I can just really handle my pain. Maybe a mix of both...that's what I'll think to myself at least. Ha! Because of the radical CVS ice packs, I have very little swelling and only one side of my jaw is a little sensitive. I was a little groggy when we got home, but didn't sleep really...just watched movies and t.v. The i.v. did hurt a little though, even though I was being doped up on some gas. He couldn't get the needle in the first try and had to go to another spot--so all that poking and prodding was NOT fun...the last thing I remember is the doc asking me what kind of dogs I have and it went like this..."Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer." ZZZZZZZZZZZ...then awoke to sweet Julie sitting with me waiting for me to wake up. She says the only funny thing that happened as a result of me being doped was walking out of the recovery room my legs weren't working right and I knocked a bottom cover off some kind of wall vent. Oh and a few times I'd sort of wake up and look over at her and try to smile with the gauze hanging out of my mouth and then once I woke up again and my eyes got big and wide like "who the hell are you and where am I?!" Funny stuff. Now, I can enjoy one of the best months of the year!


K2daK October 6, 2007 at 9:13 PM  

Glad you are feeling good. We (Rhino and I) were going to stop in and say hey today, but the nasty poo came to visit today and I didn't want to expose you to any germs that could be lingering or contagious...I blame all the throw up I cleaned up this past week. 2 out of 5 days of cleaning up throw up (and not your own family's) is very I blame some 4 year olds for my nasty poo. BUT I AM GLAD YOU ARE FEELING GOOD IN THE HOOD! :)

Anonymous October 7, 2007 at 11:50 AM  

As I catch up on blogs, I read that you DID indeed survive....Never had oral surgery, hope to never have to...I have my wisdom teeth in my mouth,,,,,thus the reason I am so wise, huh??!!:):)glad you are doing better and didn't do anything while under the influence of gas and drugs to embarrass(sp.) yourself to death....unless Julie is keeping it to herself...hahaha....Lee

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