Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You, Me and Dupree

Saturday night was a very adventure filled evening (read below) and we didn't get home till very late...or early depending on how you look at it (which is so rare that it's pathetic really). It was 2am--ish on Sunday when we arrived here on the East side of the Ball. EAST SIDE, representin'! My cousin, Kerry had already made plans for his baby Blaze (the almost two year old Boxer) to stay over at grandma's house because he knew it would be late and he'd be staying over.

This is where Kerry stayed until 1pm--ish when we decided we were going to start gnawing off our own limbs in hunger, so while Julie made "breakfast" burritos, the dogs and I went to wake him up. He awakened to three slobbery hyenas, whom appeared to be very excited to see him.

The three of us didn't accomplish much of anything throughout the course of Sunday...we had a large list of things we needed to do, but weren't going to be rude and try to get them done while he was hanging out. He did things like pick at his wound on his foot that he incurred simply by taking his boots off at the drive-in, right as the food was coming our way, then proceeded to put his feet on our nice, clean ottoman after not having washed the Marta germs off before bed. All of which made both of us cringe and throw up a little in our mouths. The funniest part was when I got up to get some leftover popcorn, he hollered in excitement, "OOOHHHH stale popcorn!" SO, I shared my popcorn. I was going to offer him some anyway, but didn't have time. Then, we were still vegging, watching t.v. and movies when he plopped down on the couch really hard right next to us and then looked over and smiled...that's when it instantly hit me what the day and moments had been like...the movie "You, Me and Dupree." So, I told him what I was thinking and told him his new nickname was going to be "Dupree." Of course he knew all of that was for fun and that is how we joke around with each other. After dinner and a movie, he looked over at us and smiled and said, "Well, I guess I'll go home now." I said, "Aww...the dogs look like they are going to miss you Dupree, it's like you live here now!" :)

We're excited for another fun-filled weekend, hanging out with our buddy Dupree! :)


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