Thursday, September 13, 2007

When it rains, it pours!

This right here is all it took for the kids to act like they were served crack rock sandwiches at lunch again. It didn't start pouring rain until RIGHT at dismissal, so that was a huge mess. This year I've been moved to the front gate for afternoon car-rider duty, where my "putting kids into cars quickly" skills are highly under-utilized, but oh well. Today we didn't walk to the gate but stood and showed kids where to walk under the breezeway so that they wouldn't get quite as soaked . My line was "hug the wall." After people were on the correct bus, I went down to help my old duty where you put the kids in their cars and was ULTRA shocked when I saw numerous people working together as a TEAM to help put kids in their cars.

I just about fell out. Normally you get a bunch of ladies standing around doing their afternoon chatting while about three people bust their asses to get kids in cars. I've held an umbrella and a fundraiser box all at the same time while having to get a kid in their car with no help around. A monsoon (not really) comes in and people ACTUALLY helped. I couldn't believe it! The kids were put in the gym and walkies were used to call and let them know which children to send out. Our principal was in the gym with a microphone calling them to come out and then a teacher would grab someone and walk them to their car with an umbrella.

What was this?! People working together to accomplish a goal and to streamline things in an intelligent way so that it would be productive and helpful for all parties involved and not just a small minority?! HOLY HELL! I thought I had stumbled upon the wrong place. Gosh, small monsoons should come more often at our school...then we might have more action and less talk.

This is what the dogs thought of all the rain...Nikki never leaves the top step when it rains, Casey pees and quickly comes back...and as you can see, Brinkley had a blast running up and down the flooded pathway. This is him in the middle of a run.


K2daK September 13, 2007 at 7:32 PM  

Aerosmith's song "Amazing" comes to mind! I spent many of car rider duties with no umbrella still busting it to get kids in the car...glad to hear it went well for you today! SUPER cute picture of Brinkley and the dogs.

Lennye September 13, 2007 at 9:04 PM  

Kind of 1984ish!

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