Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm reviewing how to make the color orange with Kindergarten and First grade this week and the kindergartners get so excited about it. We went over red + yellow = orange and when I made the first orange....they all cheered, "YEAH ORANGE!" I feel that way exactly. There just isn't a happier color really. To get excited over something relatively simple, is gigantic really. When you lose the ability to see beauty in the small things and can't get excited about the "small" stuff anymore, you've lost a lot in my opinion. SO, here's to ORANGE! You kick ass orange and if I could say that to the kindergartners I would have said, "You're right! Yeah orange, it kicks ass!"

While going over how to make the color orange, I busted out with my nifty little "science" experiment and showed the kids a 2 liter bottle with water then dropped yellow food coloring in followed by red. As soon as the red hits the yellow, you can see the colors mixing and spreading out, turning into orange. It's so much fun because the kits go NUTS and start cheering and saying "Shake it, Shake it!" I shake the water up and Shazaam! we have orange. It's cool stuff really. After this a kindergartner told me I was cool because I can make stuff. Thanks dude! I like making stuff.

Each table got a small container of yellow and an even smaller container of red and were able to mix up their own orange. We then painted pumpkins. I'll post some pictures of those later.

The photo was originally one I had taken of an ocean sunset (doesn't look that way huh?!) and then did some crazy thingamabobs (do you know that blogger didn't count that as a misspelled word-but it tells me kindergartner is wrong everytime?!) in Photoshop.


Lennye September 14, 2007 at 4:23 PM  

I'm trying to think is ORANGE my happy color. I have to admit that I love red and yellow makes me happy. So why wouldn't orange make my day! I love fall, pumpkins and all the orange colors. Am I a secret orange lover? On the "What color is your parachute" type quiz, I am orange.

However, today I feel gray and dull. I'm hoping eating out of an orange bowl that looks like a basketball makes me happier.

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