Friday, September 14, 2007

Blue = Serenity (and that's why it's another favorite color)

I was painting some papers today after school for an upcoming project for a fundraiser we're doing at school this year. For a few of the grade levels I'm going to make Eric Carle type collages with them again with textured papers, but because we have strict time restrictions, I decided to go ahead and create some textured papers on my own so the kids can get started making the collages next week. This lovely blue and white marbled moment happened when I poured white and blue paint onto the paper and starting swishing it around quickly. It stayed this way even after I started another purple and red painting, so I had to go show it off to Reese, Hestad and Harper. All of us agreed that it looked like a place where we'd like to be. The brush turned out prettier than the paper...but isn't that the way it works out a lot in life...some of the unplanned things turning out more beautiful than the planned?!


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