Friday, September 14, 2007

Let's get it on...

says one grasshopper to another. Insert "bowchickabowbow" music now. This is a Rated-R picture that Julie captured of two young grasshoppers playing "Chinese Freeze Tag." Of course if a better camera was involved, you'd see some lovely details--but I think the blurry, silhouette-type look works here. Who wants to see details of THAT?!

I felt it suited some of the funny kindergartner comments just fine for this week. While I was turned around getting the painting supplies out, I heard a couple of girls having a conversation about boyfriends. One girl says to another, "You can't have a boyfriend until you're six years old." The other one says, "Yeah, you can get one for your birthday." HA! Funny, though not the birthday present I feel they need at this point and time.

Another day and another class and one girl says to another, "I don't have a boyfriend, my mom would be mad if I did." So the other one (whom has seemed like such a cute, little innocent girl thus far) says, "You can just get one and then lie to her and tell her you don't have one, that's what I do." I just about PASSED OUT! Kindergartners people! Talking about lying to their mothers about a boyfriend! HOLY SMOKES...stop feeding your children chickens with hormones in them, it's for your own sanity. You just don't know what goes on at school behind your back. Seriously. Frightening. THANK GOD my kids are ones whom I can have a few things legally, medically snipped and removed from and all is good in the world. WHEW!


Sarah B. B. September 15, 2007 at 10:46 AM  

That is absolutely terrifying. And we wonder why we had "issues" in the little house on the playground. SHEESH. At least they weren't stabbing anyone with scissors or throwing chairs at your head? (Trying to make it better but really, it's impossible.)

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