Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Your S**T together 2010

Seriously. Seriously. That's just how I need to start this off. 2010 came in with a bang...first the filtration system got cold and we woke up one weekend morning without biggie---warmed it up outside by piecing together some extension cords and putting the handy-dandy MonkeyBean baby warmer next to it. Worked like a charm and was thankful it was a weekend morning and not a WORKday morning.

Then the POS dryer that had acted like a crazy mofo back in the Fall and was repaired (so we thought) and on the up and up--started acting crazy again and this time we were like "Screw it, you're outta here." When it first tore up--we were in the mind frame of "Get Dad to fix it, because it's cheaper...though never ever easier." The second go around and being tired of not having space to air dry things---not to mention that nice crispy feeling when you dry yourself off with a towel that has been air-dried, and we decided NO MORE. So to go ahead and round it out...hey what the hell, throw in a new washing machine too----because dear old Dad took the other one that broke and gave us one that you could fit about six shirts in and that was it until he repaired the other...that's been a few years we were done with that too. :)

Been washing and drying clothes and LOVING every minute of it since Saturday afternoon when it got here...even told some buddies we couldn't go out with them and party because we were having so much fun watching things get cleaned and dried like magic. Like butta! I've never been so excited to fold and put away clothes in my life...just to see the piles of dirty clothes make SPACE on the floor again. Pure bliss.

Life was great---Saturday through Sunday morning...but things change so quickly, lol! We were sorta noticing that the WARM air coming from the vents was more like Arctic air. Never a good sign really. It was pretty chilly around here last night...chilly enough to sleep covered in layers head to toe. Nikki wore her cute sweater to bed and was covered in a blanket warmed in the dryer--poor nugget gets the coldest.

That handy dryer warmed up our work clothes this morning for us---gave the whole wardrobe a little warming action then dressed like superheroes---in a quickness...have NEVER been so excited to get to work. :)

Turns out our compressor is tore up from the floor up and because the unit is already past it's life expectancy of 10 years--it has made it to 14 years---it was recommended and we agreed that it was getting its tail kicked to the curb as well. Let's see $900 on washer and dryer... $3000 on heating and air...I figure we're doing great starting 2010 with all new goods. Sheesh. We love our heating and air guy---Ted---he's from the old school---honest and hard working. Excited for him to come back and visit on Thursday with new shiny goods. Wish those goods didn't come with such a hefty price tag but thankful we have worked our booties off to have some green saved up.

Oh--and got bullied by the boss on my first day back from break...craziness.

Seriously though and this is the WEIRD part----all this stuff is going on and I STILL feel wildly optimistic about 2010....a little scared at the same time that I feel this optimistic and hopeful for it---like it's going to all just go to you know what---I'm just happy about 2010...and I'm going to enjoy it with all my new shiny shiznick! Poor----but I'll be warm with some clean, dry clothes. Lol.

And some pictures to go with this lengthy post:

More good news--one of the dogs is so talented that when they ran in from outside (apparently before being completely done with business) they formed the perfect Hershey Kiss. Those are marketable skills.

My first time trying out a snuggie! A friend brought it to work! It really does work! :)

Amazed at these new-fandangled washers and dryers with their nifty settings and whatnot. :) Chosen after many website searches for the best for the price. I love the internets.


Dan January 11, 2010 at 8:21 PM  

Let's all do a dance that you have the money saved up. This would be much more of a crisis if you were broke!!! So I'm thankful that things are working out so well for you and JulieBean...Lennye

krista January 13, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

i don't know...that s**t looks pretty together already...formed into candy goodness and all!

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