Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recent Findings I Think You Should Watch

but you don't have to. Just suggestions! :)

Because how he looks at her is too funny and cute!

Because there's something about this dalmation riding a bike that freaks my's amusing and a little scary all at the same time---not as bad as clowns though. :) I'm teaching Brinkley this and he's gonna deliver us pizzas and ice cream sundaes! YEAH BABY YEAH!

Because everyone should have someone like this in their life...except if that elephant gets a tad bit pissed at the dog, one slight pressing down of the foot and no more pup. A sweet video once you get past the cheeseball reporter.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Yep, this one made me cry. Our own species could learn a lot from these. Makes me think of all the news stories you hear of people purposely harming their children...this is SO opposite.

Brinkley told us he wanted a hippo, we got him a Lucy instead. You think WE'RE crazy for having four DOGS in the house? Check this out. Wow.


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