Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Installment Of Classic MonkeyBean Mansion-ness

**Out of nowhere, sounds of craziness, pure put you in a straight jacket wildness flows around the office abruptly interrupting the itunes loveliness**
"Yep, those sounds are definitely annoying..."
**Sounds continue**
Then even crazier sounds and bigger annoyances come from the other side of the office...."yeah, don't try to play that game with me, I teach 700+ kids in a week, I KNOW annoying, I LIVE annoying 8 hours a day. I'll always win at this game."
**sounds cease, itunes loveliness resumes.**
All is calm, all is calm.

Us with Blaze 1
Us with Blaze at Aunt Peg's house for Christmas.


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