Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going Postal

I'm so pissed off. Only two days into the work week after a nice week long vacation, and I feel like I'm going to go postal. I cried on my way home, not from sadness---but from being just that angry and fed up.

I made NUMBER 7 on our FACULTY MEETING AGENDA. And not in a good way. I couldn't believe it. Because I sent out an email (and a teacher sent one out yesterday about her mother's crafts to purchase) about holiday photo mini sessions asking if anyone was interested...it got flagged. Mr. I DON'T HAVE A LIFE BECAUSE I SIT AND FLAG EMAIL MESSAGES ALL DAY TO GET PEOPLE IN TROUBLE flags that stuff and sends it to our principal. We are NOT SUPPOSED to use our school email for personal business or profit.

This is brought up in the meeting the same day I sent my email out....so of course everyone is looking at me!

Ok, fine. Sorry didn't know it would be that big of a deal. But if we can't do that, if it needs to be all school related---I mentioned over to a friend, what about people's CHURCH fundraisers...selling donuts and sending emails. So she being the awesome friend she is, she voiced that and got that topic started. The reply was that she didn't get any flags about those...so she doesn't know about that being a problem.

And also this, I would have liked to have had the ability to say this, if all school email should be all school and child related---then we should cut out the paragraph long emails that people send that say something along these lines,

"Please pray for my Mother's uncle's brother in law's sister's cousin's twice removed neighbor as she has fallen down and broken her hip. She has had to have a hip replacement and a tube put down her wrinkled throat because she is so weakened and we fear for her safety and life and please just pray that their dog will get fed and that the cats won't mate with the pigs because the sunset was yellow instead of purple and please pray that little Annie May will organize her clothes in a rainbow fashion in her closet because if not the neighbor will have to have surgery to remove her left eyebrow. I just love you all, EVERY SINGLE one of you and hope that you'll pray because I just know it will make a difference for this family."

IT's ok to send those emails? It's ok to send out the email saying you better buy some good donuts for the church to help raise some money...and yet we don't know which church or what the money is for?

Or HOW ABOUT THIS....is it OK for the Queen in charge to ask the Art teacher to paint a banner for her husband's church banquet...using school paint and paper if she'll pay the Art teacher? She's not paying for the school's supplies is she? But that's ok under the table? Also with those same supplies is it ok to ask the Art teacher to stay late and help paint your daughter's science project for her?


And I suppose it's OK that they tell us we have no money for copies, supplies, books...but we just happened to have enough money for a fake Christmas tree that is way over 8 feet tall---that I heard cost them about $200.00. Of course it's OK, it's always-- always OK when the people who want those things or say those things are OK are the ones who are LARGE AND IN CHARGE.

**Insert your favorite explicative x 10 here**


Lennye December 2, 2008 at 8:09 PM  

My heart broke for you at that moment. You should have said, "Well I'll gladly tithe on any profit I make." That way it could have fit in equivalent to the donut email.

Look NH sent me an email that had the word ass in it and we were sent nasty notes from both of the ones you mentioned.

Listen everyone loves you. I'm so excited about your and Bean's business opportunities. And of course you should want to share it with those you are closest too!

I'm so sorry your feelings were hurt. I know it would have felt better for her just to have come to you personally.

monkey December 2, 2008 at 8:24 PM  

oh, you don't want me inserting expletives. i would be here all night.
i have a baby to bathe and put to sleep.
i could cuss her to sleep in a lullaby i suppose.
but then something of mine might get flagged and i really don't have time for staff meetings.

Monkey December 2, 2008 at 9:08 PM  

You guys are sweet and monkey please don't sing an explicative filled lullaby to Finn...she's just way to sweet and cute! :)

K2daK December 2, 2008 at 9:32 PM  

That is INSANE (in the membrane)-seriously, that is craziness. I guess I should delete the e-mail I just wrote to you that uses all the cuss words in it. HA! :) Really, that is some crazy stuff-I never understood the spending around there...you remember the purchasing of some furniture for the tour that was coming through...no money for anything else but $150 for a used couch and more for lamps and a big ole hunk of wood that was used to hold the sign in/out book. I feel you pain girl, I feel you pain, but as hard as it is, you can't let them bring you down, you are AWESOME and I don't know of any art teacher that kicks ASS as much as you do.

Ms. Natalie December 2, 2008 at 9:59 PM  

That is some CRAZY-ness. You are a better person than me...I'm quite sure that the meeting would have ended with me being fired had I been sitting in your seat. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I think you should spell something wrong on her hubby's banner...maybe put a different guy's name there. Hmmm? :)
Sorry you had a crap day. Is any of that icecream left from B's b'day? Go indulge.

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