Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Weekend

What a splendid weekend! No joke! We had no obligations, didn't HAVE to go anywhere, so we stayed here the majority of the time. I did some house cleaning while Julie worked on some school work and I can't tell you how relaxing it feels to start the work week out with a clean house. We've done this for the last two Sundays and it just seems to make life in the house go so much smoother when you're not thinking about how there's some dog hair in the corner that needs vacuuming or dishes that are waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher. Ah, peacefulness. This all ends of course if I look outside because while we have maintained the inside quite nicely lately, the outside looks VERY forsaken. Weeds everywhere, grass that has grown taller every single day, bushes that need to be trimmed...we sometimes wonder if it would be worth the money we don't really have to spend, to pay someone to maintain. The weird thing about our yard is that with over an acre some of it is more like "yard" and the rest is like wild amazon jungle and it's kind of hard to balance out if you want to dedicate the time and money to making it all "nice yard." Like is it really worth all that?

Oh my God...did I really just write all of those thoughts about the yard?! I mean seriously, who cares really?! I'm terribly sorry.

Here are some photos that we took yesterday while scouting out locations for Natalie's family shoot coming up soon. If Julie looks pissed it is because she was...Brinkley had just shown out by getting loose out of his collar because he had a FREAK OUT moment after noticing his shadow on the building. It was a little much for his Golden Retriever-esque anxieties. We took child number three because everyone else had been on a small ride/outing with us but him. I can't tell you how cute he was when I locked everyone up and called his name to come out. I swear to you that he KNEW what was up and he went nuts when we put his collar on him. He ran out and immediately stood at the garage door. So easy to please, thankfully.
Check out the know we were loving it!
watermarked Brink and Bean pretty red magic classes
watermarked Brink and Bean old skool
watermarked Brink and Bean 2
vignette watermarked Brinkley and Bean  snapped3
watermarked Brinkley and Bean 3 texturized
Brinkley and Me
And fun with shadows! More fun for us than poor Brinkley! :)
Brinkley is afraid of his own shadow 3
Brinkley is afraid of his own shadow 2
Three Shadows 3 snapped and grunged
Three Shadows snapped
Speaking of Nat, did I tell you guys that last weekend she came by for a couple of hours and we talked photography the entire time? I SO loved it! And today, Kinsley came by and we had a good chat for a few hours as well. It was really great to get caught up.


Lennye September 14, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

I wanted to come over, I need you to show me how to do something. Unfortunately, I've had the crude all weekend and have stayed in my bed!

I did have a friend drop in, take a look at me, pick up the house, sweep the kitchen, put in a load of laundry and leave before the funk could jump on her!

monkey September 14, 2008 at 9:14 PM  

ME! ME! *raises hand enthusiastically* ME! I CARE ABOUT YOUR YARD!
yeah, i don't have a yard. so i care about yours. i say, keep minimal yard around the house and let the rest be a jungle! i would love my own jungle! i am, however, kind of afraid of forests and the crazy people that hide in them. but, surely, a jungle is safe?
and julie's facial expression is AWESOME! it's of the "i love brinkley but i promise i will stick a ninja elbow in his ribcage if he doesn't act right" variety.

Natalie September 14, 2008 at 9:40 PM  

LOVE the red background. Can't wait to be a model for a change! :)

K2daK September 15, 2008 at 6:38 PM  

Lovin' the red and the pictures. You know Julie loves that dog!! :) HA!! It was good visiting with you!

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