Friday, September 12, 2008

Twenty Nine

Wow. What a great Friday! I really enjoy my Friday classes (there are exceptions to this, but overall I do.) We seem to cut-up and let loose a little more. Is it because I'm in my own state of euphoria because of the great FRIDAYness?! Perhaps.

Here are pics of third graders working on their trees...they were allowed to practice (a lot) on our thin practice paper before transferring to our good drawing paper--so that's what they are doing at the window, tracing onto the better paper. I LOVE how most of them have gotten into drawing these trees. They are excited when they come into the room telling me how they practiced a lot over the weekend. :) That feeling of validation is awesome. I learned how to draw trees this way in 5th grade and remember the exact moment Mrs. Douglas taught us how to draw them. I don't remember how she went about helping us/teaching us if we were having difficulties, but I remember sitting at a table and working on mine. By giving this project to third graders, anytime after this if they are complaining or nervous that something is too hard and they "CAN'T DO IT." I can just say---"Uh, HELLO you already drew a tree that most adults can't draw, I think you can draw this!" and that should help. ;)

Becca has been all about drawing these trees and that is her at the window---and that's her completed tree with the pink sun---I like that she thought outside the box on her colors.

This cool kid missed the entire first month of school because he had major surgery. His appendix ruptured and then he was having a difficult time recovering from the surgery! Poor guy. He showed me his scar, yikes.
As you can see from an extra tree drawing he did, he has MAD skills. I'm so glad he's back and well.

4th graders have learned different ways to draw sunflowers and we went over blending oil pastels.
Here's Kendra's have to know Kendra to fully appreciate this work---she used to tear my room apart and now she sits calmly and does her artwork EVERY single week and she's always very sweet. I think she did an awesome job on the middle flower.

Here are two sunflower drawings in progress, I think they look like they are headed in the right direction to turn out GREAT!

And this

is a little second grade nugget that thought he'd be cute and sit in my chair before I got to it to start the lesson. He sat there and did a funny teacher voice saying, "Ok class, today we are going to learn how to draw circles." (That is what I had drawn on the board at the time.) He was quite pleased with himself as you can tell and we got a great laugh. He's the same little nugget that's feet are with me in this previously blogged pic. Cutie.

Happy Friday night everyone!


Lennye September 13, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

Sunflowers = cool! Becca's tree with the pink sun rocks as well! Oh my what we learn when we paint. I would like to talk to you about us doing a combination art/writing project when we get to expository writing. I think it would be too cool.

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