Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twenty Eight x 2

Today I went to Griffin for the Class Keys training. It wasn't as boring as I thought it would be....and there were moments that totally made it worth it. I saw my first grade teacher whom I haven't seen since I was in the first grade! She is now retired and working with the DOE. If it were any other teacher than my first grade it would have involved hugs and a warmer, fuzzier feeling...but she was exactly like I remember her being way back in 1985. She was never one to jump right into a sappy, hug moment...sort of standoffish like a cat. No secret that cat personalities sometimes baffle, annoy and just down right tick me off at times. Give me someone that wants to grab me up and hug me any day....well as long as I don't dislike them. :) She seemed just as disconnected or distant (even though she said it was great to see me) as I remember her and one memory I have of her is not a memory of my own at all, but one of my mom's. My mom got called in to meet with her because of some "trouble" I was having. My classmates and I were on the playground while this parent conference took place and she told my mom that I was antisocial and would not play much with the other kids. So mom (being awesome) looked out the window and asked, "Is that Melissa's class playing out there right now?" My teacher said it was and mom said, "Well let's see---those two kids are against a tree sleeping, those kids over there are just sitting in the dirt...let's find Melissa...there she is hanging on the monkey bars, swinging on the swings...I think you can look out there and tell that she isn't playing with anyone because they aren't playing. She is full of energy and apparently they are lazy."

I'm pretty sure nobody, including her, ever called me antisocial again. I told mama that I saw her today and that she looked younger than what I thought she would look...I guess it's true when you're a kid you totally think your teachers are way older than what they really are. She said she remembers her being pretty young like a first or second year teacher.

Today the old school (literally) building made it totally worth it as well. I had never been there before---so it was awesome to walk around and check out the old details. Beard and I took a tour during our lunch break and found this awesome, hopscotch outline in the back. I also took a pic of me in the old bathroom with vintage tiles and the hallway with cubbies for hanging coats and backpacks. Old schools rock and are very charming...minus the asbestos. :)
hopscotch sfh
big tree holga action
Retro Tiles and my ugly Crocs---ugliest shoe on the planet probably, but also the only ones I've worn so far that I can stand all day in and my feet won't hurt a bit in the evening.
Weird how this is in the mirror, but it doesn't look like a mirror. Looks like someone is taking a picture of me taking a picture of them.


Lennye September 12, 2008 at 5:39 PM  

It is totally cool over there! I did get gas for $3.59 per gallon. Thanks for the heads up.

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