Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Weekend (so far)

Sometimes it's OK to see something that you know is completely stupid but know it will give you some great laughs!
Today we traveled 45 minutes South to the great city of Macon GA to see a movie with Mom and Aunt Peg. Had some yummy take-out S&S Cafeteria vegetables just like good old folks would do (ha) which are always quite tasty. Mom treated us to lunch and the movie, you just can't beat that! To kill time we went into Ashley's furniture there close to the S&S which by the looks of their frighteningly fugly furniture, it's no wonder they are having a "retirement" sale. Retirement. Yeah. They needed a retirement alright. As Sarah would say, "Sheesh."

I can remember when that part of Macon was THE part of Macon. My mom would only travel slightly further to the mall (at my request), the Farmer's Market...still goes there very often, and her journey would STOP a little further down at the original K-mart and right across the street--the movie theater. It's amazing how that section of town has changed, for the worse. When the Walmart was over there at Westgate a friend of mine got held at gunpoint in the parking lot and they tried to make her get back into her car they were about to steal, but she took her chances running into the store. They took the car and she made it out alive and untouched. The guy she spoke to in Walmart wouldn't let her call the police from their phone. Told her she'd have to use the payphone OUTSIDE. Ass. Anyway, back to the movie... (this is where Sarah would say "I digress" Am I right?!) :) :) (I totally love knowing that!)

The movie had some HILARIOUS parts (not as funny as "What Happens In Vegas...") but still funny. My favorite parts are ones included in the trailer, when she says their names freakily and of course the manhole...


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