Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thirty-Thirty Two

First the projects...Fifth graders are currently working on an Edward Hopper project based on his painting "The Long Leg." We've talked about shading with the paints---adding less water for darker areas more water to the paint for lighter areas to make it look like the sun is hitting in areas. We've also gone over how to make the water look like it has ripples in it by dabbing a paper towel on the wet paint to make a textured look...they really seem to be "getting" it. I'm stoked.

The bottom one blows my mind...her mother paints a lot so she has had more practice than just Art class once a week---she ROCKS!
Edward Hopper project 1

Pretty Purple and blue water

Edward Hopper project 2
All of those are from Freda's class.
Freda's class has probably the most talented artists in 5th grade and the difference this year is that this group has a lot of kids that actually CARE about the outcome of the project. You will see them taking their time and making smart choices. It's quite refreshing. I wish I could say the same about the majority of my fourth graders---their behavior is outlandishly BAD. They've pretty much been this way throughout the years for as long as I can remember--always being the group us specials teachers LOATHE to see the most. This year they are OLDER and even more aware of things in the world that they shouldn't be aware of. Some of the things they say and do are so disgusting and disrespectful. At this age, it's totally their parent's fault. Once they are older they will have to overcome their genetics and upbringing if they can--but right now I truly put the blame on whomever is in charge of them when they are not at school.

Though I really hate math because I'm bad at it, I do notice patterns a lot and find myself thinking about patterns and putting things together so they fit nicely in some sort of matchy patterny (I know) groups. For example, I noticed that most of our fifth grade teachers last names start with an "H." The majority of fourth grade teachers last names begin with a "B." Just a random thought I had while probably on the toilet---just being honest.

A few other patterns I've noticed is how my classes throughout the building act based on what their homeroom teachers are like. If a teacher sporadically or mostly NEVER walks her kids to my door and never sees how they come and sit down---I can bet you my paycheck that the class takes longer to calm down---why? Because they KNOW without even being told, that their teacher won't come to ask me how they were at the end of class and didn't care how they came into my class---so therefore at first have a hard time getting themselves together until I remind them how we act when we act in my room.

If a teacher always/mostly walks them to my door, looks at how they are acting when they come in and sometimes has to correct them---they almost always have an entirely good Art period. To ME and some others, THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. But the truth is, a lot of people don't give a flying flip about how their class acts as long as THEY aren't the ones dealing with it. And the teachers that I LOVE LOVE LOVE at our school are the ones who always ask how the class was and show some sort of interest in how they come into my classroom. I have had teachers every year for the last five years that will send their class down to my room without any supervision at all, or will stand around the corner and send the class and I never see them, because they walk the other way.

Wouldn't it be so much simpler if these people would realize that they would do better for them and for everyone else if they actually just showed a little bit of concern about what is going on? I know that this isn't always the case with every class because some teachers TRY and TRY and still their class doesn't act properly---but for the most part you can totally tell the teachers that have a handle on things and the ones who don't.

Thank you to Sarah, Lee, Kinsley, Natalie, Freda and Lennye who have always been those teachers that have acted like we matter too--and have always had consideration for people other than themselves. You know you rock the hardest! Now if the first four on the list would come back to teach at our school and help us weed some of others out! ;)


Anonymous September 17, 2008 at 7:03 PM  

I feel so lucky - my kids made your blog:) They are good, aren't they? We (H & I) really do appreciate the hard work and sharing your talent with our babies...


Lennye September 17, 2008 at 7:31 PM  

Who in F's room can paint that good? I'm curious. Thanks for the compliment! I love my kids!

Today I met with one of the handicapped kiddos mom. We talked about how he would continue to decline in health as he got older. She mentioned at his old school they took him out of art, so he could have more time on academics. I asked that we not do that. I thought that the fact his holding a brush and drawing wer doing more good for his fine motor skills than anything else. She agreed and said he really liked art here. Interesting!

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