Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets A Hole In Their Tongue...

Well yesterday afternoon played out like a horror movie of sorts...our house ended up looking like a crime scene. There was a lot of blood.

It all started out nice and innocently. We decided we'd do a couple of short videos to show our waste high not really---though they do show that---we were going to show the afternoon game that we play with Brinkley and Lucy where we throw the toy and Brinkley grabs it out of the air--Lucy waits---then runs after him and HELPS him bring it back to us. She's all about the bringing it back, only after he gets it first and tries her hardest to get it away from him.

Usually Nikki is off searching for bugs to eat and Casey patrols the perimeter. Casey is never interested in these games because he is never interested in retrieving. He does however enjoy running, very much. He's also VERY much the fastest runner in the family. It's amazing to watch. So when he showed interest in playing, we were skeptical but thought maybe he just wanted to run.

WE SHOULD HAVE STOPPED IT IMMEDIATELY once we saw that Casey was being a brat and was starting to become aggressive. But we were just like every OTHER IDIOT on a horror movie where they stand there possibly wondering what will happen next when they should be completely aware of what is about to happen. But I just kept laughing at him and calling him a brat. Stupid.

Each video segment shows Casey growing increasingly more aggressive and bratty and the last moment on the last video is where they locked up and had at each other. Brinkley had finally had enough. He is patient and kind, but Casey wouldn't stop. He still is patient and kind because he could have killed Casey yesterday afternoon and did not.

We dropped everything and ran after them and could not break them up for anything. We don't have a hose on that side of the house and therefore couldn't use that to split them apart. Brinkley had Casey by the neck and Casey looked like he had Brinkley's face.

Finally after screaming at them for what felt like forever and trying to use the toy to put between them, and adrenaline that was so off the charts we nearly fell out afterwards, they stopped.

Julie rushed Brinkley and Nikki inside and Casey, Lucy and I stayed outside. Blood was pouring everywhere but I couldn't figure out what part of him was bleeding. I was covered in it as well. I finally got the water hose that was close enough to NOW be helpful to gently rinse his ears off to find out if he was missing a chunk or two. From what I could tell he had one puncture hole in each ear and after rinsing him off, he seemed pretty ok.

When I looked in the sunroom, it seriously looked like a crime scene of sorts. Blood drippings were everywhere and Julie was fervently getting them up, and more kept coming. She had been gagging because of the hot iron smell that permeated (what a word) throughout the room. When I went inside I found out that she couldn't figure out where Brinkley was bleeding from either. We finally saw the blood was coming from his mouth, then saw the small HOLE through his tongue. So he's hot and hassling and the bloody tongue is getting flung everywhere. I walk into the kitchen where he had gotten some water, water bowl full of bloody water...trails of blood everywhere. So we get him sequestered in the back and put a towel underneath him and rack our brains over what to do about a body part that is bleeding that you can't exactly compress to stop.

It stops and then starts, on and off...covering a towel in blood. We had the fan on him to cool him down and finally after a few minutes of sitting quietly and rubbing his back, his tongue calmed down and clotted, so we were fine.

After that we were all spent. I would have liked to think that we would have been those people that would have survived a horror movie because we would have seen it coming and gotten the hell out of dodge...but after yesterday, I'm not so confident of that.

Anyway, here are the videos---our tall grass, our camera voices that we can't stand, and in the beginning, two sweet dogs having a great time playing. Towards the last one, not so much so. It kinda makes my stomach and my heart hurt. Sigh.

I EVEN say in the last video something about how this probably will go badly...YA THINK?! An Intro To Imperfect Parenting 101, What Not To Do:


monkey September 18, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

i almost didn't want to watch cause i was afraid there would be doggie bloodshed. i'm thankful that wasn't there for me to see. man, this post gave me yucky feelings. i've clearly never owned a dog. i would have no idea what to do.

K2daK September 18, 2008 at 7:54 PM  

I CONFESS I didn't watch the videos...but I did read the post, can I still get an A for effort? :) At times like these, I just say, "Damn kids", that comes from the ever so famous J.H.

Natalie September 19, 2008 at 6:12 AM  

YIKES!! That's so scary. I hope everyone (2 and 4 legs) are feeling better this morning.

Though I was kind of hoping the post was going to be about Julie getting her tongue pierced!! :P

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