Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Third Day

Today was SO hot outside! I'm currently vegging out in my white tank top aka wife beater and my ever so stylish muppet undies. Yep, that's all. So I thought I would keep the inappropriateness to a minimum and tell you about it, but not actually take a picture! You're welcome.

I found these

today on my door when I got back from helping with morning duty. My first thought was, "This is someone who reads my blog and loves me." I wasn't surprised to find out it was Freda. She was my first guess. :) By the time she popped her head into the room to tell me it was her, I had already eaten all but two! That definitely put a smile on my face and started the day off very happily.

Finally a funny moment to share with you this week---I was giving the royal tour of the Art room to today's 1st grade group and had just shown them the kiln room. I explained that this was the awesome machine that "baked" their clay so we could paint it. A new boy to our school this year goes, "ah, technology!" He sounded like such an old man when he said it!

Speaking of old, my Mom called tonight to see how the week has been going and in the middle of the conversation she tells me that she and Dad are having tuna and crackers tonight for dinner..."because it's just too hot to cook." And she says, "I'm having tuna and crackers with a slice of cheese on the side and your Dad is having a pickle on the side." I said---"Oh my gosh---you really are getting old--you mainly talk of the weather and now you're telling me you're having a piece of cheese with your crackers!" She says, "I AM old--I'm 62 years old you little turd." And then she laughed.
Cracks me up!!


Sarah B. B. August 6, 2008 at 9:18 PM  

You know your mom loves you when she calls you a turd. Isn't Freda a sweetie? I'm glad you're surviving the heat - hope you told those first graders that the kiln wouldn't be baking much of anything until the temperature drops below 90. :) Good luck on day #4 tomorrow!!!!

Lennye August 6, 2008 at 9:39 PM  

Yes, I agree F. is a sweetie! I walked in and saw the donuts, she explained her plan. She ask me if I read the blog. I had to tell her no, exhaustion has taken over this week.

Lennye August 10, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

Dan's parents always talk about the weather and what they eat! What's with that!!! Okay, no talking about the weather from me. (unless it is to say that it is hotter than H*** here)

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