Monday, August 11, 2008


Day Six of the school was a pretty good day aside from the fact that I got the snotty stuffed up drainage crud this weekend. I don't feel so hot, but the new projects went well and behavior was good (not great but definitely nothing to complain about either).

My favorite of the new projects I started this week is the Peter Max Liberty Head painting. I had fifth grade sit on the floor with me while we went step by step drawing her head, and that was really, really fun. It was different having them all do it step by step with me and it felt advanced and special was like we were working as a whole unit. After that, they painted the black outline and next week we'll add colors and designs. Peter Max has painted a painting of the Statue of Liberty every July 4th since 1976. Pretty nifty.

Here are four of my unfinished favorites from today.
Don't they look awesome so far?!


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