Monday, August 25, 2008

Fifteen and Sixteen

I didn't post anything for Friday because I was too busy trying to get out the door Friday afternoon to take any pictures...I had to be at Central Office before 5pm to hang up some examples of our artwork.

Friday was a really good day because I collected some MONEY! :) I painted a banner for a teacher's son's birthday and made fifteen dollars from that. I also designed and drew an Olympic medal and helped with Olympic torch t-shirts for a third grade class and that teacher was very thoughtful and gave me twenty dollars! WOW! :) So, I called Julie up and said, "We're getting take-out tonight for FREE." Well, it wasn't really free, but the amount of work I did for it was very little, so I was super-duper stoked!

Today I started some new projects with the kids and finished up some older ones.

These suns were from first grade and they were done in regards to a Primary colors discussion. Also, I taught them how to start drawing "real" looking eyes, noses and mouths. I think they are funny, but definitely on the right track!

Here is a Liberty head that just got finished that I thought was very successful.

And here is a new fourth grade project that we're doing where it's supposed to look like pirates are looking down into a treasure chest so all you see is them looking down and whatever is in the skyline above them. I think they are pretty nifty! I'm keeping myself amused this year by doing projects I've never done before because I think it keeps me more entertained and happy to be surprised how they will turn out and not KNOW already what they more than likely will look like because of doing them in previous years. So far, the entertainment factor is high! ha! :)

Lastly, two kindergarten line paintings after we drew with our fingers in the air and made all of the lines accompanied with fun sounds.


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K2daK August 25, 2008 at 9:45 PM  

I hate to be the one to say it, but does that first sun have a penis nose? It looks like it! :) You know you miss me!

Way to go Monkey on making some cash!

Did you know that Ryan has named his RYAN painting you made him for his first birthday-it's name is Eee-Eee (I am not sure I can spell that correctly) he talks to it just about every night. Last night after 2 hours of solid singing and talking I went in and said who are you talking to? He said Eee-Eee and I said what does Eee-Eee look like? (I was hoping he wouldn't say like a little boy or man or woman-I would've FREAKED OUT) he said it is square and when you do your hands like this it makes a rectangle which almost fits it (I will have to show you). I said well where is Eee-Eee? He said the square on my wall! I said the one with your name? He said yeah that one. This all ended with me saying to go to sleep and quit talking to Eee-Eee. :) Thought you would get a kick out of it. (No he didn't quit talking..not until sometime around 9 which is a lot of talking).

Your art projects are awesome-they've always been top notch in my opinion, I like them a lot!

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