Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Project: More Changes To The Laundry Room

A week or so ago we finally installed the curtain we've been talking about installing for months! This is the curtain that covers up the washing machine, dryer and cabinets. We also bought these awesomely colored bags to hold our recyclables (as you can see one bag needs to seriously be emptied). Another addition which was interesting to try and get a photo of being orange against an orange wall is the flexible Tubtrug (that's really its name) to hold our aluminum cans. I love how it matches so well with the orange of the walls and how it's bendable. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, I even saw online where one was used as a sandbox for kids! They'd be great for any kind of storage and for classrooms too.

Next for this room and probably the last thing that will need to be done is to cover up the disgusting linoleum that doesn't match. Since it's expendable, I'm going to attempt to paint it white and coat it with polyurethane for protection. I figure if it looks screwed up, then there's not a huge loss, but if it works like I envision it, then it will look super snazzy with the white and orange that's already there.


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