Wednesday, June 4, 2008


haha...don't plan that unexpected teeth might not be brushed before noon and if you show up at my door and my hair and teeth aren't will be really awkward staring at each other through the sunroom door. :)

Is it bad to actually have a PLAN for the summer? Mine is a loose plan, because the fun part of summer and a plan is that I don't have to get up at a specific time, don't have to have a lunch packed and can do most things in my pajamas if I damn well please! YEAH BABY! I so love accomplishing things in my pajamas, it feels so wrong, but oh so right! :) Don't judge. Oh and brushing my hair and teeth become optional again like back when a kid (when it mostly wasn't really optional then, but sort of more than now). Don't judge. And, if I wake up and don't want to do what I originally thought I would do, guess what?! I can throw it out the door and do absolutely nothing, because I become rebellious during the summer (only slightly so) and figure it's MINE and it's short and I am on no one's time clock and can do what I want, when I want! :)

I can't wait for when Julie is done with school and can be a Media Specialist and get to experience this rebellious summer with me! And what will put the icing on the cake, is having that pool to chill out in, inviting friends over to sip slightly alcoholic margaritas and have a blast! It's so awesome how not working over the summer gives you more time to dream of the future....

Oh yeah, I got all wrapped up in being rebellious and forgot to mention my plan is to do something everyday or at least every other day around the house that needs to be done...even small things that I will allow myself to get excited about! :) I've started off small with a BIG pile of dishes that I kept putting off because I said I would just do it once I was on break and had more time...but first had to take a picture of the lovely bowls!


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