Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Favorite Song?! You Mean Top 100 Favorite SONGS right?!

Lennye mentioned Pioneer Woman saying name your favorite song...I haven't read her blog in a while, so don't know anything about it...but there's just NO way I can commit to just one favorite song...I can commit to just about one of everything, but not a song! That's funny...but there's just too many songs I LOVE LOVE LOVE...and then songs I just LOVE LOVE and songs I as you can see, it's just too difficult of a commitment to make and I don't want to hurt the other songs that mean so much to me. :)

So, I'll start here:
Here are my top favorite songs by REO Speedwagon (which might be the only songs that if you don't like, I might actually would be offended for some reason---they are just THAT good to me!)
When I was a kid, my Mom had to work during the summer so she shipped me off to the big ole' town of Thomasville, GA to stay with my Aunt Sue and her family...I used to have a blast because my older cousin Gail had a cool (1960 I think) Ford Fairlane...and it was RED...and the cool thing to do back then (The 80's) in Thomasville was to go crusin' around the mall area, so we would, and she'd blast REO Speedwagon and I knew all the words. Still do.
(I wont be showing live versions because I like the studio versions better because that's what I always hear...not a big fan of fans screaming in the background)
Keep On Loving You:

Ask Julie about my vocal guitar solo I bust out with around 2:01 of the song...classic.
In Your Letter:

Maybe the one I love the most of the three? Take It On The Run:


Anonymous June 4, 2008 at 5:36 PM  

Great song PICS:)


Lennye June 4, 2008 at 8:09 PM  

Okay, my songs must have scared F. However, REO Speedwagon was a GREAT pick!

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