Monday, June 2, 2008

Little Beast

That Lucy...such a cute little BEAST! She is running around the house with the loudest squeaky toy imaginable as I'm trying to not hear any noises because I have a headache and Julie tries to solve complex homework for her systems analysis and design course (to me even the name of the class sounds confusing!) So I say to dear Lucy..."Lucy, mama has a headache from self medicating herself with three very large bottles of caffeinated, sugary beverage at work today...and if you squeeze that squeaky toy one more time, my head will most likely explode." What does she do?! She drops the squeaky toy, (and I think, WOOHOO for a second) then, comes over to the computer and chomps down on my elbow...then runs back over to her squeaky toy for more squeaking. I'm so not lying. I relay this all to Julie who's in another room...and she cracks up laughing. The dog no doubt understands more English than she would like for us to know. Later tonight, I'm checking for the three sixes hidden in her fur. Just in case. ;)


monkey June 3, 2008 at 10:37 PM  

sometimes i swear our animals are much smarter than we are. when cheeto was a kitten, she used to love to hide in a corner of the room and then run out and jump as high as she could at you...landing on a shin usually with claws bared. i kicked her into the wall a couple of times just by reflex. one day, after three such claw jumps at my delicate skin i told her in a really stern voice to go stand in the corner and take a time out. and...she....did. she walked to the corner, faced it, sat down and put her ears back and down. so awesome.

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