Thursday, April 3, 2008

My biggest internet confession yet...

(hopefully I'll still have friends after this one, lol!) I had some major hots for the New Kids on the Block boys! You just don't know!!

So they are saying that they will have a reunion tour...they are going to be on the Today show tomorrow (that's funny to me...Today...tomorrow...yeah, anyway) Thank the sweet Baby Jesus for Tivo! I'm not even going to lie or try to play it off like I was mildly in love with this boy band back in the day....if so, lightning would strike me right out of my desk chair for lying! The word 'mild' doesn't fit into any category of how I felt about this group. They ROCKED my world!! :) I was a 10-13 year old girl who worked her tail off collecting EVERY single thing that had any resemblance of them on it. The pillows, the pins that were the size of your head, the shirts, the scrapbooks, videos...really the list goes on and would just grow more nauseating for the NKOTB haters. :) I was SO in love/lust with these boys it's not even funny. My walls used to look like that BOP magazine threw up NKOTB pinups everywhere!

To hear that they are having a reunion just makes that little tween girl part of my heart go pitter-patter with utter joy and excitement. It's like your first true love that you may have moved on from, but still have that slight crush or excitement over. They were the first boys I wanted to have some Hot Hot make out sessions with! Just kidding...not really. They were the only thing I ever had that much of an obsession with and had to know everything about, have everything involving, etc...I haven't felt the need to collect so much or obsess over something like that since. Me growing out of them and when they sort of fell off the face of the earth, was such a bitter-sweet breakup. ;)

I EVEN have videos (total embarrassment contraband) of my friends and I pretending we were them--singing and dancing to their songs. I SO could never run for President! :) Those things would be all over youtube. :) Those and the VERY tastefully quasi-nude portraits for a couple of photography assignments in college. heh. (Mom wont be finding out about my blog anytime soon now!) ;) ANYWAY, sorry...back on topic...I'm just so ADHD crack-rock giddy about my boys!

I was TRULY, madly, deeply in love with some Donnie Wahlberg. Probably not the one you would've guessed was my favorite, though I did love some high pitched sounding Joey McIntyre too. I have already forewarned Julie that if they are indeed going on a reunion tour, the teeny-bopper in me will absolutely try for better seats than the one time I saw them in Florida where I was up so high they looked like tiny ants. Maybe seeing them one REAL/last time in person will be just the closure I need to mend that broken heart. LOL.

Ps....I'm really a complete dork in the fact that I can still remember every word to their major songs. :)

Donnie sang lead on this one and I thought he looked OH SO fine in this video back in the day!
Just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance YO!

And I loved this one...and there may be a video of me singing this...but if you ever saw it, you know what I'd have to do to ya!


Lennye April 4, 2008 at 9:09 PM  

The secrets, they just keep coming! I happened to be in love with David Cassidy, how weird is that!

Natalie April 4, 2008 at 11:55 PM  

Girl, NKOTB was the first concert I ever went to. I had a major crush on Jordan but would have loved seven minutes in heaven with ANY of them. Your blog is definitely filled with "the right stuff"....oh, oh, oh, OH, oh....

Monkey April 5, 2008 at 8:08 AM  

Nat, you are SO in the COOL club! If they come anywhere near here, we are definitely going to have to go!! :) Just get on the floor and do the New Kids Dance! HUH!

monkey April 6, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

see...this is where the five year difference actually crazy obsession was with duran duran. i was in love with nick rhodes...the ambiguous one. this served to prepare me for the glam rock phase i went through in high school. my first concert was poison/david lee roth. i had posters of bret michaels and jon bon jovi all over my room. can i even express how much i lurv lurv lurv 'rock of love'????? i tell my honey that those girls could have been me! okay, not really, but if i had never released myself from the grip of big hair and hideous clothing...i'd be drinking too much and gyrating on stripper poles for all of vh1 to see. ah, the roads not taken...

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