Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Julie and I went to our first Atlanta Thrashers game last night! It was a lot of fun! The stupid Florida Panthers won with 3 to 2...but the experience was still neat-O! I think hockey is the most fun sport to watch because it's not difficult to follow (no ins, outs, this many yards, etc...)and you get to hang out inside a cool, bug-free, air-conditioned building while you watch. :)

I was thinking last night on the way home that it feels so weird to be out on a 'school night' now that I'm older. I don't attend school but we still call it a 'school night' because I work at one! On our way up to Atlanta, I wondered where in the world all these people were going when they were supposed to be at home eating dinner on the sofa. Then while at the hockey game I wondered why in the world these people weren't home getting ready for the next day...then on the way home I thought about how freeing and yet taboo it felt to be OUT on a 'school night.' Almost like I was getting by with something that if I got caught doing, would get me grounded. :)

I am definitely my mother's child and LOVE a routine and feel comforted by one, but at the same time there has to be some spontaneous, FREE as a bird moments thrown in sporadically or I go a little bit LOCO. Spontaneous, fun moments (to me) exist to make the mundane stuff that we get tired of doing everyday a little more worth it and bearable. Last night was a nice free bird moment, though we did indeed pay for messing around with Lucy's schedule throughout the course of the night! She knows that causing lack of sleep, is by far the cruelest of punishments in this house. :o


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