Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Done Fighting It we had a fun day in Atlanta...but did we get any awesome photos? Nope. Not even one really. We took one pic of my superb hamburger from Five Guys, but other than that, nothing really inspired me, photographically speaking! We bought a few more bowls from Urban Outfitters and realized that more cool places than not are located somehow or another off of Moreland Avenue! Seriously, we just never knew that Sarah's neighborhood, East Atlanta Village, Little Five Points and the awesome Target in the Edgewood neighborhood were all SO close together. Duh. Another odd realization we came to was how apparently business owners see Monday and Tuesday as part of the weekend! (Maybe because they are open on Sat. and Sun. so they take off Mon. and Tues. I don't know) Seriously, there were about four different places that we tried to go in, but were closed on a Tuesday. I told Julie the next time she pretends to have something as awful as dysentery or the Ebola virus to stay out of work from--to spend a day with me on my Spring Break, it apparently doesn't need to be a TUESDAY if we want to get cupcakes or shop for furniture to re-do in the ATL! :)

Because I don't eat in restaurants (the crowds, etc...make me nervous--whole post about the ISSUE here) we do have the opportunity to see some interesting things when we eat in the car. For example, we got our burgers and fries from Five Guys Burgers and Fries and sat in the parking lot at Lowes and watched what had to be someone suffering from OCD have a slight 'moment' about his car. (Now before you bash me for picking on someone with OCD---I'm not picking on him, just telling what we saw--we all know that both of us have our own little OCD tendencies as well!) :)

We watched this guy walk away from his car, only to turn back and check on it, walk back to the car, wipe something off, check it out some more and then go into the bank. He came back from the bank, walked behind his car like he wasn't going to mess with it, then turned around, came back to the car and checked something out on the other side. Ok, so we thought he was done. He was only in Lowes for a milli-second and when he came back he stared at the sides of the car again---you know to make sure aliens hadn't embedded themselves into the paint while he was gone---this is how intensely he was checking it out...then got into the driver's seat, back out of the driver's seat and something caught his eye. What was the foreign substance that caught his eye on his pristine joy ride?! Hmm...let's let him inspect for another five minutes...dig a little something out from under the windshield wiper area...must be something major...yep, a leaf. A leaf. Takes him minutes to dig ALL the remnants of said leaf out...picking out the crunchy perpetrator bit by bit. Finally this poor guy was able to buckle himself in and drive off. You'd think this car was a real showpiece, a classic or just something he had to sell his organs or body for. Nope. It was a not even brand new Acura. Had to be the OCD. Poor guy.

I know if you think I'm remotely nice that this next statement will bring you back to reality a little bit...but once he got back in the car, we were SOOOOO hoping he'd get back out again and check a tire or the paint. That would have really been the icing on the cupcake. ;) We were like, 'wait for it, wait for it...he's gonna get back out...AH NAW...DANG IT...he's driving off!' heh.

The title of this post states that I'm 'done fighting it''s what I'm done fighting. I've been looking around for SOME sort of something to photograph besides Lucy and the rest of the get-a-long gang (awesome AWESOME 80's cartoon back in the day) but the thing is...there's just nothing telling me that I must take a picture of it, besides them. I'm kind of missing my favorite textured walls, peeling paint style pictures--but they just aren't happening right now and I'm sorry. You probably don't love those as much as me anyway, but maybe the force will be back with me soon either way, love 'em or hate 'em.

I understand if one more pic of the pups makes you want to vomit in your mouth a little, and I truly apologize...but there is always the 'back' button that might take you some place more enjoyable and if you choose to stick around with me and endure all the REDONKULOUS cuteness, then God bless you dear child, one day I might give you a kidney or the left nut I don't have to repay you for your kindnesses. ;)

UNTIL THEN....MORE PUPPY CUTENESS! oh and I don't mind at all if you comment with the same words over and over...I won't throw a thesaurus at you, good comments are the peanut butter to my jelly, the cream to my coffee, the fudge to my sundae, the bubbles to my bath, the Beavis to my Butthead...well you get what I'm saying.

Is it just us, or is Lucy looking taller with a side of American Bulldog?


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