Thursday, April 10, 2008

Someone cute that's not a puppy!

It's Ryan aka RHINO! Our friend Kinsley's son Ryan came over to play for a few hours yesterday. He's so cute and smart! It's funny to hear him call me by my last name "Gunter" but that's what he's used to because when his mom and I taught together, all of us always called each other by our last names and so she still does. So Rhino says, "Gunter and Julie" --it's just too cute really! :)

He was all about painting until he saw the lawnmower sitting outside. I could barely get him to come inside for a minute. He kept saying, "I want to ride the green lawnmower Gunter." So we rode for a little while (with the blade off!!) but he kept looking for the grass clippings to come out of the side----while he was supposedly steering! I would say, "Hey Rhino, you're about to hit a tree, you might want to watch where you're going." and he'd watch for a second, then it was back to the place where the clippings fly out. He knew we weren't really cutting because he said, "I want to CUT the grass!"

We also played in the backyard some and he got a kick out of "Wucy" chasing him. And, he actually asked to be put in the tree.

We just had to call his mom once with the hilarious potty moment. I put the stool up next to the toilet and I said, "Are you going to sit?" He said, "No, I'm standing." Next thing I know, the penis and pee was out of control, going everywhere but where it was supposed to! I was laughing so hard, Julie could hear me in the kitchen. I kept saying, "Ryan, you've got to hold that down dude!" So a very hilarious conversation ensued where I asked Ryan if his mom holds his penis down or does he...he didn't really give a coherent answer on that we called Kinsley for fun. Turns out sometimes the PeTAR (As Nat would say) needs a little guidance. THANKS Kinsley for giving us the heads up on that one! LOL!

I wish we had the camera with us when we took Rhino home because our friend Nat's son, Alex was there and he was giving some serious lovin' to Lucy. He sat in Julie's lap and pulled Lucy over into his lap...was super cute. (if you need some Alex and puppy shots Nat, we'll supply the puppy!)

This is a little video of Ryan painting a painting for his mom that we later put in a frame. He's showing off his mad singing and ABC skills...dude is a crazy smart 2 year old! The second video is where he wasn't into the singing, but I love the faces and sounds he made so had to include it!


Lennye April 10, 2008 at 11:25 AM  

K needs a copy of the Rhino in tree photo. It is priceless. Also, you got to love any girls that are savvy enough to know that they needed a "Deere".

Lindsay April 11, 2008 at 9:02 AM  

Thanks for the info! Love your blog.

Sarah B. B. April 11, 2008 at 4:09 PM  

I am pretty sure you should print out this post for Kinsley to put in Ryan's baby book, so that one day his future wife can LAUGH her head off. Either that, or you have to promise to tell this story at his high school graduation party. :)

K2daK April 18, 2008 at 2:35 PM  

What a cutie! (I can say that because he in mine!) Like the tree & Lucy picture!!!

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