Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday in Pictures...

Since we did so much yard work yesterday, we decided to chill out for most of today...Julie's family left around 2:30ish and then we went to Byron to see Mom and Dad. Dad had me take a few pictures of the work that he and PawPaw are doing on the old Mill house at my PawPaw's pond. It used to be a working Mill back in the day, hence the name of the road I grew up on "Gunter's Mill Road" except for some odd reason, some non-English major Crawford County graduate (big surprise) put "Gunters Mill Road" on the sign for the longest time without the apostrophe. I think it's finally there on the new signs.

Dad proudly showed off the new beams they put in to support the old mill and their efforts to restore it, after that we drove down the rode to Mom and Dad's to ride four-wheelers. The weather was great for it! We even busted out the older, smaller four-wheeler that used to be mine when I was in Middle and High School and I gave Julie a taste of my Speed Demon ways. I used to ride up and down our driveways, back into the woods, down to my PawPaw's junkyard (he's a retired mechanic who owned his own garage--you can kind of see it in one of these pics). I had a black Lab that would follow right beside me everywhere I went and she would come back home with the dustiest face from our travels. Once I got in trouble for attempting to drive up a small ravine that I got the four-wheeler stuck in...had to walk home with Lady (the Lab) and ask mom to help me get the four-wheeler unstuck...she was not too happy about the fact that I could've broken my neck. :0

Today Dad wanted to take Julie down to the old junkyard and show off his first car, a 1952 Pontiac Chieftain. I googled them and can tell that back in the day, that it was a kick ass car. That junkyard is a pretty nifty old car graveyard---tons of cars that are so old, most of us have never heard of them. He showed us one that he used to drag race with too. It was a really nice afternoon.

Ready to ride Dad's four-wheeler (sunglasses on!)

The Old Mill House

The swimming hole I used to swim in with my cousins. It was all cleaned up back then and the water was a little more clear. You couldn't pay me to get in there these days!

This is where overflow from the big pond goes into what I call the swimming hole. My mom didn't know it, but my Dad and uncle would let us slide down this into the swimming hole! Can you believe that craziness?! Something else I wouldn't do today if you paid me...back then I guess I was a regular Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn type! :)

The big side of the pond. Down in South Georgia where they apparently don't know any better, they call one this size a! I'm not kidding!

Cute parental units.

I definitely look more like him from behind and more like mom in the front! ha!

Ready to ride Dad's four-wheeler (sunglasses off!)


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