Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top Five

Out of personal experience today from watching a lot of t.v. I came up with this Top Five...
My favorite shows depend on the season and some of them aren't airing right now because of the writers' strikes...so the question is:
What are your Top Five favorite shows that you are watching CURRENTLY? I may have to go over five again on this one!

1. House-- The relationship was rocky for a few episodes, was getting tired of the old humor and am glad that the last couple of episodes seem to have a new, freshness to them...I'm hoping that our relationship is on the up and up, because I was missing the greatness. Hugh Laurie is quite frankly pretty hot to me in this show and I like to question whether or not I would get along with his character in real life.

2. Prison Break--If you've watched from the beginning, you just can't stop watching before finding out whether or not they will finally get back to their normal lives, though I'm tired of the being free, being caught back and forth stuff. The eye candy of Wentworth Miller makes it all worth it though!

3. American Idol--Alright don't hang me for this one, it's fun watching the insanity of it all and entertaining to listen to the people who can actually sing. It's one of those shows I would love to not want to watch, but just can't help it. Paula is crazy and Simon is mean, but usually very right. Beauty of Tivo is being able to skip over to the more desirable parts.

4. Real World/Road Rules Challenge the Gauntlet III---LOVE THIS! I'm a complete junkie when it comes to this show. I love everytime they bring it back. I haven't watched the Real World series in a long time, so I always want the "Veterans" team to beat the "Rookies" because I have actually seen some shows with the Veterans and "know" some of them. I think I love this show so much because of the physical challenges and especially the DRAMA they put themselves through. I hate drama in my real life, but watching someone else's drama on t.v. whether real or contrived, is pretty entertaining (they do it to themselves after all). Today I was so stoked to see that Tivo had taped a new episode, it was like the icing on My Day at Home Cake!

5. I'm going by shows that we have on Tivo's season pass list so number five I will dedicate to my favorite day time t.v. shows right now and those are
Oprah, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and sometimes when I can handle the loud, obnoxiousness is the Rachel Ray show. Watching Oprah counts for getting in my current events and how to make my life healthier and greener and Ellen because she's hilarious and loves animals.

One new show we've been watching is Moment of Truth where people are asked tough questions and if they tell the truth they win money. I think as long as you tell the people you love anything you might not have told them before going on the show, and don't care who else finds out your business, it should be easy money. Of course the premise of the show is that-that in itself is easier said than done!!
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K2daK February 5, 2008 at 9:25 PM  

I think you should do a Top 5 shows you watch but wouldn't normally admit to watching!! I have thought of that often.

Let's see...

1. House-LOVE IT and I am listening to it now

2. Clean House-I am addicted to seeing how nasty (more clutter) people live, it would drive me NUTS

3. American Idol but only in the beginning never after the show actually starts, I like to watch the craziness in the beginning

4. Taboo on NatGeo as they say so often

5. No Reservations & Andrew Zimmerman-love these shows and No Reservations has started coming on during the daytime around 1 when nothing else is on

Natalie February 5, 2008 at 9:34 PM  

In No Particular Order, here are my DirectTV regular records:

1. Grey's Anatomy

2. October Road

3. The Hills

4. Jon & Kate plus 8

5. Oprah & Rachael, though I usually read the descriptions and delete all the boring ones

6. The Wiggles (it's for Alex, but I LOVE the show for what it gives to me....FREE TIME!!)

7. The Real World (can't do the Gauntlet--too much freaky drama).

8. Any other stupid reality show that I get hooked on--most recently watched the entire mini-season of "The Mother of All Pageants"--a mother/daughter pageant. Yep, was THAT bored during this STUPID writer's strike!!

Monkey February 5, 2008 at 9:40 PM  

hmm...KK I have never heard of your number 4 and 5 shows...need to look those up. Watching how nasty some people are is highly fascinating at times! Nat, you know you think the blue Wiggle is a hottie--don't even TRY to deny. ha! And don't even hate on the Gauntlet...how in the world can the regular Real World have less drama than the Gauntlet?...that stuff is prime! :) :) I like Jon and Kate Plus 8 but it's been conflicting with something else, so Tivo stopped taping it. :(

Natalie February 5, 2008 at 9:54 PM  

Blue Wiggle IS rather tasty, I will admit it. Wouldn't mind finding myself in a Real World hottub with HIM! Oops....was that my out-loud voice?! :P

Monkey February 5, 2008 at 10:08 PM  

Nat I know you feel better admitting to that and getting it off your shoulders! ;)

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