Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Evening That Went Downhill aka The Night TiVo died!!

The evening started out fun and innocent enough...until TiVo never woke up! We did all the things you're supposed to do before calling the nice people at TiVo support...and I really mean that about them being nice...but the verdict is he is dead. (I told this to the guy too...he asked what the problem was and I said, "I believe our TiVo died tonight.") His poor little hard-drive just couldn't hang. I will tell you one thing, I've never picked up a phone and ordered a replacement for something so fast as I did this evening. When you are paying $12.95 a month for service to something, you certainly aren't going to waste time paying for it and not be able to reap the benefits!! I need the benefits people!! A shiny new TiVo that will be able to connect to our home network through magic of wi-fi will be even snazzier than the old one because I will be able to send programs from the living room in here to the computer which translates to being able to make a dvd of things I would like to see again. For example, all those episodes of Small Space Big Style that give me inspiration and nifty ideas for the house that I always want to go back and look at later. WOOHOO! Chris, my new friend from TiVo support, even took off $40.00 on the one I wanted because of us being loyal customers. That's what I call looking out for ya peeps! :)

Julie requested one of my "world famous" subs this evening.

I wanted a new address book because my last one was bulky and hideous...looking on etsy I saw how people had made some of their own and were selling them for obscene amounts of money, so I used paper scraps and made my own. Behind each lettered section I have white pieces of paper that have the addresses on them--I didn't show them in the photo because then the internets would see people's addresses! I am pleased with how it turned out and now want to make more things like this!

I made these cards tonight for my friends Paul and Erica who like to write letters back and is nice to get snail mail! I talked to Paul for the first time the other night since he got married this summer and it was such a great conversation. He always inspires me artistically (he's an Artist and Art teacher in Valdosta). He and I have been more than friends and then again friends since college and the only friend aside from Julie that I'm still in touch with since he's extra special to me. He said he wanted us to do better being in touch with each other again and that made my heart smile. There's something about friends who have been there through some of the toughest times in your life and who have seen you grow and change...He started the cards with a photograph attached and motivated me to do some more because of his nice compliment that he enjoyed one I sent him so much and kept it even. That was the nicest compliment and even gave Julie warm fuzzies too! :) (Ironically, Julie knew Paul from Elementary School before I knew him in college...and we didn't even meet each other through each other either!) Hopefully he and his wife Jamie are going to visit this summer to go to a Braves game. Erica and I have been best friends since second grade! We don't see each other much anymore but she likes to keep in touch through letters, so that is some good snail mail to always count on. Man does she have some interesting stories to tell about all of our adventures!

Brinkley kissing TiVo goodbye...he was like one of the family after all. Laugh or roll your eyes if you like...but you know you have something in your life that doesn't have a heartbeat yet you absolutely would NOT want to live without it. Don't you want to know how I got Brinkley to make out with the about to be dissected for fun TiVo box? Two words. Peanut Butter.

And that's my summary of the evening. Thank you and goodnight.


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