Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Big Toe's Big Break-in!

What is this?! Big Toe breaking into someone's home on Christmas Day?! No worries, he's just making sure KK's dog Maggie is securely locked in her crate! Notice how Maggie is VERY unsure of the whole ordeal and probably quite happy to be locked IN her crate and thankful she's not hanging around outside with us strange folks!:) Had the neighbors called the cops on us for breaking-in the back door, it would have been really interesting to explain why we were carrying a camera, a credit card and a stuffed animal with a mask on! Big Toe is always getting us into a situation!


K2daK December 26, 2007 at 9:59 AM  

HOW FUNNY! We really owe you guys one, getting you to break in our house on Christmas day. I just want you to know the condition of my house was already bothering me and then asking people to enter it was really freaking me out. BUT you guys are good friends so I know you know the REAL us and that you trust everyone can be a little messy every now and then. I haven't had much sleep the last 3 days and today's nap time will be spent organizing and cleaning. Thanks again for stopping in and the Big Toe pictures are FUNNY!!!

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