Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday, in pictures...

This is what happens when your baby brother is five times bigger than you and is easily distracted. You probably won't believe me when I tell you this, but Brinkley (who loves to constantly carry around any article of clothing he can get in his mouth)had this in his mouth, got distracted and dropped it on Nikki's head. I walked out of the bathroom and this is what I saw. She looks so amused she can barely contain herself.

This is my "It's a little chilly out here" pose.

Guess whose porch swing that is? Look familiar to anyone?! Big Toe visited Aunt Sarah and Uncle Lindsey's empty house in the ATL and took a moment to pose on the porch swing. We were hoping to get done early enough with Julie's sister and niece so as to have time to say "hello" to Sarah and Lindsey before they had to leave for a birthday party...but didn't make it in time. So...after 40 minutes of looking for I-20 from the Westin Hotel (because of the sign leading to I-20 NOT really leading to I-20 but instead to a really sketchy part of town where we did many U-turns), we made it over to their house to set up this picture and leave a note on a napkin. The crazy part is how when I was leaving the note about look on the blog for details and taking the picture, a man approached the back of the car Julie was still sitting in with my passenger door open. She had the radio on and could see that I had stopped and was looking like I was trying to hear what someone was she cut down the radio to hear this crazy conversation I was having with this man. Here is what I thought I heard at first, "You probably should ring a doorbell." So I think that the man thinks I am trying to break into Sarah's house! I say, "This is my friend's house and I'm leaving a note." He then says, "Can you tell me how to get to DORAVILLE?" Which sounds like doorbell if you're far away and scared out of your mind! I say, "No, I don't know where that is." He says, "Can you point me in the right direction?" I'm thinking (If I could point you in the right direction idiot, then that would mean I know where the hell it is!) But I'm still scared and REALLY say, "I'm not from around here and have no idea how to get there." He then asks for a cell phone, and I lie and say we don't have one....then he asks if I would be interested in buying an mp3 player so he can have money for the bus! (Which at that point his inside voice was saying, "I hope you are stupid enough to give me some money for some CRACK ROCK!" Because happens all the time where you are put out on a random street in a neighborhood, looking for a random town that you have no idea how to get to, right?! I know it just happened to me yesterday. NOT!

This is a nifty tree thingy that we bought from IKEA today. It's hopeful purpose one day is to serve as a cool thing to display Julie's bracelets and pendants on when we decide we're going to sell stuff at craft fairs, etc... Right now its purpose will be to get decorated as an extra at Christmas.


Lennye November 3, 2007 at 11:31 PM  

I'm jealous of the tree! You could use it for pictures. Your man reminds me of the Atlanta Rythm Section song, "Doraville". Better listen up on that oldie, just incase you are asked for this information again. You need to know what goes on over there!

Sarah B. B. November 4, 2007 at 8:10 AM  

I'm so glad Big Toe got to have a little swing... Sorry that one of the neighborhood crazies interfered with your fun - dealing with that isn't my idea of a good time, either!

Sarah B. B. November 4, 2007 at 7:42 PM  

OH! And I forgot to ask if you noticed that we, too, have that tree. It was a Halloween tree, and now it is a Thanksgiving tree. It will be a Christmas tree, and it might even be a Valentine's tree. I'm thinking black is just TOO depressing for an Easter tree, but then again I might wrap it in pastel ribbon....

Sarah B. B. November 5, 2007 at 9:44 AM  

Dude - we DID get to Target - thanks for the hint! The one in Lithonia still had GOBS of stuff, and it was all 75% off! Let's just say next year's trick or treaters are getting some cool, non-sugary stuff. :)

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