Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Can you find him?

Can you see who went hiking with us? It's BIG TOE! Here he is enjoying some "cave" exploration and also with Julie planning a sneak attack!


K2daK November 14, 2007 at 9:54 PM  

HOW I DON'T MISS THAT!!! I would've missed that meeting too due to a sick child...which looks like he might have pink eye now too. JOY! BUT seriously that is crap if I ever read it, and I CAN believe it. Sorry girl sorry! I hope that you do get your credit.

On a happier note the pictures are cute! :) AND I forgot all about that song, I used to love that song.

Lennye November 15, 2007 at 5:24 PM  

Another one also was told there would be no make-up. (the same one with the child w/braces!)

Jessie November 21, 2007 at 4:58 PM  

I will never never never understand why places of employment treat their staff/help so badly. My husband just switched jobs, and his new boss is treating him better in a months time, then he ever got treated over 5 years at his last job. It makes me so sad. That is why I have decided in my life to go work at a place that I know I will always be treated well, and to keep a small design business where I work for myself. Happiness is key in life. Screw her and her banners.

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