Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Weekend

Julie's mom and two of her nephews visited with us this weekend. The weather was very pleasant and we had a fun time. We stopped by my school's Fall Festival for a few minutes (I got put in "jail" with Mr. V. that was pretty funny), went to the Open House of a new dog kennel that just opened up somewhat out in the country. Was a very nice facility and we're very excited about it. We haven't left the dogs anywhere alone since moving up here from Valdosta and I've been very nervous about choosing a new place. Most places I wouldn't even consider because they didn't have a separate fenced in outside area for each person's dogs...but instead a large communal space for everyone's dog to go to. I don't care for that because I don't know what these crazy wildebeest are going to do around other dogs and vice versa...also I didn't like the idea of them just wondering from one area to another. BUT this kennel is an awesome one where the kids have their own inside area that leads out into their very own fenced in outside area for pooping. YEAH for private pooping areas! YIPPEE! ;) Of course there is a large fenced in area for communal playing, but I like that it is an option and not a requirement...I just might want these kids to be antisocial and SAFE while we're gone. This is a good thing finding a great kennel because we're planning a trip back to Gulfport Mississippi in the near future. Sooooo stoked about that! :)

Anyway, we also took Julie's peeps back to IKEA to exchange some things and buy some new things. Everyone fit ever so nicely into the Ford Edge. Her youngest nephew, Harrison, bought a tiny leather chair out of the "as is" section and it fit into the back of the car...that was a proud moment for me, I tell ya! People and shiznick all fitting into one car. Damn good times. Even better times were pushing Harrison on the flat cart around the parking lot, because for some odd reason it was nearly empty when we came out. My inner-child came out and we just had to do it. He sat on the cart and I gave us some good running starts, then jumped on the back. When I did, the cart would spin around in wonderful circles that made me feel like I wanted to vomit. Damn good times. It's all about the little things.

We also carved some marvelous pumpkin designs on the front porch this afternoon before they left, pictures will be headed this way soon.

This picture is from a walk we took the dogs on in one of the many new cookie-cutter style neighborhoods they've built around town that has absolutely nobody living in them. Walking with them was interesting, as usual. Casey huffed up something in his nose because of attempting to sniff up the entire neighborhood while he coughed and snorted a good bit and Brinkley discovered rocks and wanted to retrieve them all. Nikki, was just Nikki and couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to be on the left, the right side, no...maybe in the middle.

Because we were so nice to take them on an excursion, we decided to treat ourselves with the Bruster's gift cards from Freda. Julie says "thank you" for the apple dumpling...It was delicious. My turtle sundae with double-chocolate chunk ice cream was pretty tasty too! :)


Lennye October 21, 2007 at 8:07 PM  

Thank you for letting us live vicariously through your ice cream experience. I'm with Julie, the apple dumplling and cinnamon ice cream look wonderful!!!!

Monkey October 21, 2007 at 10:13 PM  

She's not the biggest fan of a lot of cinnamon, so that is vanilla. :) It was tasty...I tried a bite of it.

Jessie October 22, 2007 at 7:27 PM  

Ikea carts are crazy!!!!! They are good times. :)

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