Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Daily Puppy

The Daily Puppy did another post with a Brinkley picture...they call these "onesies" and they pick one good picture out of ones you've sent them. So Brinkley had his own day and then he shared it with these other cute puppies for the August onesie pictures. One person's comment said something about too much partying for Brinkley. That's funny! A little update about the cutest Golden Retriever in the world...with the August heat, Brinkley has become hot and bothered in more ways than one. The time has come for the baby to lose his "two veg." The poor guy is so tormented that he will barely eat his food and won't leave sweet Nikki alone. Though she is spade, we have to keep a constant watch on Brinkley because of the incessant hunching. Tonight he even sat beside her and whined for a good five minutes while I took my bath. He's got a dominance thing going on as well where he won't touch his food until Casey comes near it. Last night we caught him putting food in his mouth and then dropping it close to his bowl and I'm not kidding when I say that the dog made a trail of food to lure Casey near his bowl just so he could growl at him. He has NEVER been like this...so the vet is being called PRONTO so that life here can go back to Rated PG-13...at least! :) Oh...and Casey and Nikki got haircuts this weekend...when I can get everyone to be still in a rated G picture, I will post some!


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