Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things I Need To Get Done (part one)

The Laundry now ORANGE! BRIGHT, YUMMY, LICKABLE ORANGE! Hells yeah! The laundry room was perfect to do orange, so that we can partake of its goodness, but close the door so as to not make our friends sick or dizzy when they come over! ;) We're still the party palace after all! heehee!

  • I've finished my part of the painting, now Julie will do all of the white trim and touch-ups (too meticulous for me).
  • You see there's no cabinet doors on the cabinets, that's because I've got to start and finish painting those black (it won't look like Halloween, I promise...and if so...then woooooo...spooky!)
  • Move all the storage cabinets, etc...back in and take the white shelf down you see---there will be two cabinets there for more covered-up storage.
  • Eventually we are going to re-do the flooring (there's really yucky, NON-MATCHING, blue and white laminate right now)...probably going with tile because eventually---WAY EVENTUALLY where this window is will be a door that goes out onto a deck that leads down to the pool (the pool that isn't there yet, but will be). This is where people will go to and from the pool so the tile will be good to have wet feet on and not the hardwoods. (How ya like that planning?!)
  • I'm also doing a painting that will be hung over the ugly grey (grey with an "e" looks artsier to me, sorry) breaker box.


Lennye July 21, 2007 at 7:52 AM  

You my friend truly know how to embrace color. While the rest of us toy with color, you just do what you like and it comes out GREAT!!! Oh to be so bold!!!!

For instance, why do I wear so much black and white, when I love to wear hot pink! I need to work this year to let my inner color wheel come out!!!

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