Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Sort Of Been A Bad Week

at work that is...isn't that where the badness usually comes from?!
A little summary of the week's events are as follows:

Start my week off by getting a phone call from the Queen stating that a parent has called and complained about me and the note I wrote in a child's agenda where I said that the money to purchase a picture frame from the Art show was overdue and that we didn't have the frames anymore because the truck picked them up. Can you believe a mother called in a tizzy because she waited until the 7th to give me money for the Art show frame...when the Art show was May 1st? And can you believe that she also waited to complain about my note back that I sent on the 7th...on the 11th? BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T EVER LOOK IN HER CHILD'S AGENDA UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE FOR EVERYTHING.

YES the form did say you had until the 8th, which was a mistake and I didn't see it on there---it wasn't MY MISTAKE as I didn't create those forms, but I had to apologize for it anyway. So technically she got the form in to me ONE day before it was due...but the frames got mailed back to the company two days after the Art sorry lady.

So to make up for my indiscretion and my stupidity...I was told to contact her and smooth things over because she left the Queen's office angry...even though my note to her was very polite and not rude. I said I would write her a note...I was told to call and not write a I called her and she spoke to me as if I was the one who was crazy for calling...after she was the one who was so upset as to feel the need to call my boss about something stupid...

so to please her and make amends as I was supposed to, I told her I had two sample frames of mine left and that I would sell her one of those if she liked.

I hated EVERY SINGLE minute of being nice to her. It makes me so mad when you aren't rude, but someone gets mad and becomes rude back to you for no reason.

THEN this same week---her child is one of three children that I didn't have any receipt for or anything with me stating that they bought a yearbook---I figure out of almost 200 yearbooks sold...can I at least make 3 mistakes?!!!! NO. She sends me a letter with a copy of her check and says that Ms. G. upset her son when she told him he didn't purchase a yearbook, when indeed he did. SO once again, I'm apologizing to this same lady. Saying to her that things have been so crazy these last couple of weeks and I'm so sorry. I gave him his book and let him get signatures in it during Art class today. Let's hope it pleases her enough and that I've KISSED IT enough to make amends.

So to top it all off when we were in the gym yesterday passing out the yearbooks---a first grader who is notorious for being violent and has kicked, bitten, etc...throughout the year but somehow still gets to attend school---smacked a kid in the ear, I got onto him and he takes off out of the gym. I chase him down, grab his arm and tell him he needs to come back into the he starts his kicking, screaming, trying to run away stuff...

I do the thing we always have to do with him, pick him up and hold his arms down, except I accidentally didn't get his hands down as well and he claws up my arm and makes me bleed.

So tell me America...tell me this---WHEN..WHEN WHEN WHEN did we get like this? When did it become OK for students to do this to teachers and other students and we can't defend ourselves? When did it change and we're always the wrong ones or the bad guys? The max punishment that he got was a day or two of suspension and that's only because his behavior has been so extreme, that they don't send him to in school time-out (which is a joke anyway). So he got to sit at home and play video games today while I was told, "well I was in a meeting, sorry I didn't know that was happening."

Thanks. Thanks for caring. Thanks for sticking up for the people who work day in and day out doing the right things, to make things better...while all you ever say is to find a positive way to see things or why are you letting this upset you so much or you guys make everything so complicated.

Here's my positive spin on it... ______ should be glad for ridiculous restrictions and rules against teachers in schools or else he'd have a size 6 footprint across his head as Ms. G. defended herself against someone who knows better.

Tonight off to the talent show...been staying late almost every evening for a few weeks now with practices,'s definitely something nice we do for the kids...but do we ever get much else aside from a "thank you" from maybe a leave early pass or something for all the hard work we've put into it? No...that would just be redonk.


Sarah B. B. May 15, 2009 at 6:33 PM  

OH my heavens, what a ridiculous bunch of occurences. Sad to see that some things don't change. Breathe deeply & wait for summer, I guess. :(

Lennye May 16, 2009 at 10:31 AM  

Holy Cow! These things do happen and we are to blame in 99.9% of the time. I'm struggling with the new motto that says, "If there is no discipline in the school it is our fault."

I loved the canvas pics yesterday. I'd like to do that with our photos, so how much does this cost?

K2daK May 16, 2009 at 10:08 PM  

Wow, that is a bad week! What the crap? Is all I have to say about that kid man, see that kind of stuff puzzles me, you want to flip out of a freakin' note but HELLLOOO I am bleeding and you have an excuse-get over yourself. I would be mega mad and upset-that is nuts! Next time I would go banging on some doors and interrupt some meetings or call a parent myself, that is insane!

krista May 17, 2009 at 1:15 PM  

this is why i decided early on i didn't want to teach elementary or secondary education.
you're a saint, for doing the job i would not have the patience to do.
(which is funny considering i taught preschool but toddlers are easier to deal with than administrators.)

Aubrey June 9, 2009 at 12:42 PM  

there with ya, babe. Literally. :) in situation if not geography...

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