Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oddly Quiet

This crazy beast has been at the vet's office since Thursday morning to get's been oddly quiet.

It's so strange how there can still be three dogs here, but things are slower, calmer...way more silent. Lucy's body and personality encompass a lot of space. She's not that large in size--but she's constantly moving, playing, investigating or jumping up on me while I sit at the computer while her tail thumps loudly against the side of my desk. Unless everyone is sleepy/sleeping on the sofa, there's some sort of traveling or noise.

Lucy is the one who has a little bit of personality and characteristics of all the others. If dogs were compared to children---in which they often are in my circle of friends---each one here has a certain role they fulfill in the house just like children.

The one who is going to do something to get on your nerves most often--Brinkley (Julie would prob. add Casey to that as well!)
The one who makes all A's and is called the teacher's pet--Nikki
The one who paints his room black and writes emo poems at night--Casey

Barely ever listens to what you are saying--Brinkley...and Casey
Acts offended even if you just brush up against him the wrong way--Casey
The tattler--Nikki (she really lets you know when they are into something)
The neurotic, nervous-nelly--Brinkley
Will follow you to the bathroom to converse while you're trying to "go"--Nikki
Grandma's favorite--Casey (he's so nice to her!) ;)
Hides and pouts when Grandma babysits and Mom leaves--Nikki
Has to be the first one in line all the time--Brinkley

The one who you'd rather take with you someplace--Nikki
Most likely to cuddle up next to you on the sofa--Nikki
Protects you at all costs--Casey
The most fun to play with outside--Brinkley

Gets invited to all the other kid's birthday parties because he's just THAT popular--Brinkley
Gets the most angry at you and tells all his friends how unfair you are and how much he hates you--Casey
Will do something just despite you but gets hurt if you're mad at him--Brinkley
Loves you so much even though you are imperfect--Nikki

But Lucy has a little bit of every single one of those qualities in her, depending on the moment or day.
I think that's why it feels so empty now when she's not here. All those qualities and abilities, they take up a lot of space. We're fine with that.

**And, she's on her way home!!**


K2daK March 23, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

Are you enjoying the beast now? It is good to get a break every now and then so you have time to miss whatever it is that you are always around. :)

krista March 26, 2009 at 1:29 AM  

ack! surgery...*sigh*
i hope all the other kids enjoyed their respite from the baby and she recovers quickly...

Kaylen March 27, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

eek---i love the pics!! Those make you want to just crawl through the screen and cuddle!!

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