Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Strange Week

Discovered Casey had a smallish cave on the side of his mouth, full of funk...$101.00 later found out he had gingivitis and a "hot spot" that required meds.

That same day something cool happened---while waiting on my next class at my door a visitor to the school who was there to give a special test to fourth graders asked me how to get back to the office. She was kind of far away from me, but there was something VERY familiar about her. She looked like my former 2nd/4th grade teacher, Ms. Sheets. I couldn't let the moment pass me up without finding out if it really was her or not or if my mind was going loco. So, even though I was nervous about tracking a person down all the way up to the office and then feeling really stupid once it wasn't her, I had to do it. Walked in and saw her up close and immediately knew it WAS HER. Craziness. Haven't seen her since I was maybe in middle or high school. She is one of my top four favorite teachers ever! She taught me in 2nd grade and then moved up to 4th so I had her for a subject or two then as well. She and my mom became buds and when mom had to work late, I would sometimes spend the night at her this was back in the 80's when things were so much simpler.

I say that because I remember that her daughter was about one or two years younger than me and one night we didn't want to stay in her room because we were scared for some we slept in the bed with my teacher (just her, no husband at the time!) Now these days, that would NEVER happen----you are trained to be scared out of your mind to even drive a student somewhere for fear of a thinking back on how that all took place back then and was completely acceptable, seems so strange now to think of how very, very different times are.

It was so great seeing her and getting some nice hugs. The next craziest thing was how she said Mrs. Bassett was there at my school too. That's another great teacher of mine that taught me Spanish I and II in high school...went down to visit her and that was equally as surreal and awesome. It's certainly not every day that--that sort of thing happens. I was stoked.

Came home to see Casey and Bean home safely from work/vet visit. Things were going well. Pups had dinner, time for a potty break outside while Bean started turkey burgers and I was in this very spot doing some work.

Heard a loud *yelp* outside that sounded like Lucy, called them all back in and didn't think anything of it. A few minutes later Lucy came to get my attention and I was pushing her off of me when I looked down and HOLY LORD...that dog's head was the size of a balloon almost. Whoa. Scary.

Her eyes were swollen, her normally floppy, droopy mouth and lips were now busting out the side of her face, crazy puffy and huge.

Quickly gave her a little liquid Benadryl and called Bomar to get emergency vet's number in Covington. Didn't want to take any chances at all, so took the turkey burgers off the stove, grabbed some crackers and Sierra Mist, the GPS navigator and jumped in the car. Got there 30 minutes later and the swelling had already gone down a lot, but not completely. After an examination, more medicine and time to make sure she wouldn't get worse, we were out of there. An allergic reaction to what must have been a bite or sting. There at 7:30pm and home at 10:30pm and $90.00 more gone. One exhausted, still semi-swollen, sore pup and two very weary, exhausted humans finished up the dinner that wouldn't be eaten until lunch the next day and joined three other tired pups for much needed rest.

It's been a strange week for sure. The vet tech guy said I should have gotten pics...I will be honest and say that I totally thought about it, but just couldn't justify taking the time for pics of her craziness while being that worried at the same time. He also asked if she was Lucy from "I love Lucy" or some other one that I can't remember now...we said neither.

So just Lucy, without the drama...
Lucy 2


Lennye February 5, 2009 at 9:38 PM  

Lucy Love will always bring drama to our lives. It is in her very being.

Sarah B. B. February 6, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

That is nuts! What a wacky combination of events - glad Miss Lucy is okay AND that you got to see some peeps. :)

monkey February 6, 2009 at 10:16 PM  

oh, casey, please don't hate me. i swear i was saddened and let out an 'oh no!' at the mere mention of 'hot spot' and your little body. but the mere idea that lucy was swollen and sore kind of made me gasp out loud and tear up a little. i heart you, casey, i really do. but for some reason, i have a feeling you would sense my inherent cat-lover personality and hold it against me. so maybe we're even.

monkey February 6, 2009 at 10:20 PM  

OH! and to you, my Monkey, i totally understand about the teacher/student relationship shift. when i lived on maui, i taught preschool and even babysat a couple of the kids. one of the girls even spent the night at my house...just her and me. it was awesome and her mom was so excited because it was the first time she had ever expressed interest in a sleepover (she was five). granted, maui is a small island and i knew the mom really really well and it wasn't any different to the mom than having her spend the night at an aunt's house.
but you're right: that would NEVER happen now. which is understandable. but still sad.
cause i had an amazing relationship with her full of so much love and teaching requires such a distance now because there are so many people who don't understand boundaries.
bah..i'm rambling.

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