Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, so the economy sucks so badly that the really radical company that goes around and basically puts together Art shows for teachers, totally had to close for now. That really, really bites. It bites because I spent a large portion of the first half of the school year, cutting paper to the correct size we needed for the Art show and have gotten the kids all hyped up about having their artwork put into picture frames again for the show...they do ALL OF THAT for free. I turn in the artwork with certain labels filled out and they frame the entire show and hang it for free...well they did last year. The only profit they made was when parents came to the show, they were able to purchase the framed artwork. If they didn't buy it, we just got it back without the frame---and they handled all of the displaying and everything.

I don't think one single company has ever been that awesome to me...except Quilted Northern---you really need that stuff...but then again, it's not the ONLY one of its kind around, like this place was.

What stinks most of all is that all of those awesome people who worked for the company, those who were providing such a cool service, are now jobless. 2009 doesn't seem to be looking so hot for them right now. I hope it gets better for them soon!

I will be having some sort of Art show for my kids...it won't be as nice as everyone having their piece framed...but we'll have some sort of display on the school walls for people to walk through. It will be more work on my part, but I WILL NOT let the kids down after we've worked so diligently this year. I do feel really tired just thinking about it.

Speaking of their artwork, finally got a huge update done on this blog.
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K2daK January 8, 2009 at 5:16 AM  

Great art as always! If you wanted to do the frame thing, the dollar store has a ton and I would come have a framing party with you, I know it wouldn't be the same quality, but it would still give you framed art. Perhaps you could talk to a parent in your school about framing...surely she could work out a fundraiser with you, where the frames are paid for when the art is purchased, perhaps lowering the price just a bit and more people buying. I can frame a picture no problem! ;)

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