Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Weekend and a few earlier ones...

I've neglected to post a couple of weekends in a row now...and don't exactly feel like figuring out what happened when---but here's what's happened:
****Julie learned how to change her oil from her buddy Lewis that she works with. Here they are being goofy for the pic and pretending to check the dipstick:
Pretending to check the dipstick
They'd hurt me badly if I posted the images of them actually under the truck---they weren't the most flattering positions. :)

***It was there at Lewis's house that we got the urge to DIG OUR OWN FIRE PIT! Why you ask? We told Lewis that we were off to price the kind of fire globe or pit you buy at te store and he said "NO, WAY, YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR OWN---MORE WORK, LESS MONEY." Uh, ok. So he showed us his homemade fire pit in the ground and schooled us on the proper way to go about doing this...
We haven't gotten that far because of rain last week and other scheduling issues--but we did get the inside form for our pit from Dad----had some AWESOME homemade cornbread, peas, fried chicken (we do eat the two-legged animals) and mashed potatoes from Mom's kitchen. It was so tasty.
This is the shape of our fire pit---I haven't gotten a picture of the hole yet--and we have a ways to go before finished photos. (We did dig the hole at night with a flashlight---I felt like the neighbors might would think we were digging a hole for something suspicious!) ha.
the beginning of the fire pit

***Today we trimmed more hedges---in bright sunlight---all electrical cords still in tact. Also cut the crepe myrtles back and pressure washed the old porch furniture to prepare it for future painting.
I *heart* pressure washing in non-matching clothes---yep that's a pink hoodie and red sweat pants. lol.
pressure washing 2
pressure washing 1

***In the last couple of weeks we also made the decision to stop paying for satellite and Tivo service---this will save about $500.00 a year! When I added it up for the year I was floored---that will SOOOOO help to save money for future trips, photographic journeys that I've been dying to take. The t.v. just isn't worth that much money and we don't have the time to sit there and watch it much. So, we're going to keep the netflix membership which is so cheap--and when we want veg time and hang out on the sofa time to decompress, then we'll watch movies like we like to do or rent our favorite t.v. shows on dvd. I'm excited to pocket that money.

***Had a super fun scary movie night with a few ladies from work. It was hilarious---the one who chose the movie was the one who covered her face practically the entire time! We had a blast picking on her and on the one who got a call on her cell phone and told her friend on the other end, "Oh no--I'm not busy, just watching a movie with some friends." Uh---YEAH---a movie---where you're not supposed to answer your cell phone. lol. Good laughs.
Made a new recipe for that out of Kraft food and family mag----had devil's food cake bottom and mallow, peanuts, peanut butter mixture and chocolate on top. YUM.


monkey November 23, 2008 at 12:47 AM  

dude. did you just say mallow and peanut butter and cake?
what the h-e-double hockey sticks?

Lennye November 24, 2008 at 8:27 AM  

Can't wait to see your new pics. I'm excited for your business to flurish!!! Also, I love the chairs and I'm looking forward to an update on that one as well.

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