Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blast From My Past

No freakin' way! When I was a kid Mom and Aunt Peggy would take me to Showbiz Pizza place in Macon and then when Kerry was born, all four of us would go. My mom's favorite thing to do was play Skeeball and my favorite thing to do was watch the Rock-afire Explosion band while we ate pizza. Oh my gosh, I LOVED IT. Sadly, Showbiz Pizza place went out of business and you now know that building as the Olive Garden--the one in the same parking lot as Big Lots. I remember being so sad about Showbiz closing. Well I saw on someone's blog that the creator of that animatronic band has a youtube following where he takes song requests to choreograph the band to.

While I NEVER saw them sing THIS song in person, this is still oddly fascinating to me! They are just a piece of that sweet time in life where things were simple and good and are tucked away in my little memory box. I can't conjure up any memories of decorating Christmas trees with my mom or learning a new craft with her...but I have the memory of sitting next to her enjoying every minute of the Showbiz pizza band and watching her excitement as she won tickets for me while playing Skeeball...and those memories are priceless.

I've never gotten food from the Olive Garden. They destroyed the sacred ground of the Showbiz. Skanks. :)


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