Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Photo Session At Indian Springs

Where did I go to forsake this blog the last few days? Over to the other blog!

Sunday we had another PAID (WOOHOO!) session at Indian Springs. Thanks again to Nat for sending this family our way---we LOVE it when you've got a lot of sessions! ;) We had never met this family before, so I had some serious butterflies going into the session, but little Colin kept me so busy, the butterflies went away pretty quickly. The most fun was taking each kid off individually and letting them choose their "spots" for photos. Colin picked out some great ones. Before we left the family told us how much fun they had and mentioned another photographer here in town (one that Nat and I think should go out of business) and said that they didn't buy one single picture from her and that she actually SHOWED them the pics where their eyes were closed and stuff. I WAS FLOORED. Home girl has lost her mind...you never show any of your crap photos. Never.
The only thing I didn't love about this session was that mom asked me beforehand what they should wear---and I said---just don't do white, it tends to wash white people out! :) So the family shows up in ivory! It was fine mostly except in the bright sun, her sweater posed serious problems...other than that, I thought how they were dressed was super cute.
Here are two of my very favorite shots from the session...the other favs are up at MonkeyBeanPhotos. Check out the ones where Colin is having a hard time on the monkey bars, he's too cute!
watermarked Looking at water on dock 2bwhaloed
I love how the sun's rays are hitting them!
watermarked Looking at water on dock 3bw


monkey November 26, 2008 at 11:13 AM  

well, ivory isn't white :-)

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