Monday, October 6, 2008

The Weekend

Friday we put the kids in the kennel and went to Valdosta to hang out with Julie's mom for her birthday. Friday night family came over and we had cake and played a lot of Nintendo wii Rock Band. That was our first time playing, and it's so addictive! We stayed up way late singing and playing things like Roxanne, and some crazy rock songs we've never even heard of before.

We noticed the truck made a slightly funny noise when we had stopped off to get gas, so on Saturday morning there had to be an investigation underneath the hood. Found that though the truck didn't run hot at all, there was absolutely NO FLUID at all in the radiator or coolant tank. Not good news. Poured some water in the radiator tank and drove the truck to Julie's brother in law's shop. He did more investigating to find that the radiator had a hole in it. Yuck. That was replaced (thankfully Julie's mom paid for that) and we finally headed out to Pearson Georgia which is about 45 minutes North East (I guess--that's what the compass in the truck said!)of Valdosta.

Julie's mom still owns two houses and property there. It was pretty cool, when Julie was growing up her grandparents lived right across the road from each other. The story is that Julie's mom and dad got married and moved to Valdosta because of his job. Her mom's mom bought a house and a little bit of land and the land across from it was for sale so Julie's mom and dad bought it so that his parents could live there. They were sharecroppers and used the land for all kinds of farming back in the 50's. Julie's grandma on her mom's side had a store in town where she sold clothes, buttons, and food--basically a general store.

Since Julie's dad passed away six years ago, her mom hasn't had anyone to really want to go to the house and help her with yard work...and a 74 year old really shouldn't be doing that kind of thing by herself.

We drove the truck and trailer down and helped her get a few more things out of the house to put in storage and also did a little yard work. Of course there was so much awesome, rusted stuff to take pics of! We brought home a few things too, I'll show you those later.
Before the trees were cut:
Before Trees were cut 2
After things were cut down:
After The Trees
The Whole Scene
Definitely Not A Flat Screen
Rocking Chairs
Vines 2
We dug up quite a few bulbs of these to bring home and plant:
Pretty In Pink 1
When Gas Was Cheaper 3
When Gas Was Cheaper 2
When Gas Was Cheaper
My very favorite:
Just The Wheel 1
Rusted 2
Rusted 1


Lennye October 7, 2008 at 5:58 AM  

Love the pics, especially the chairs. How cool, I'm sure they will be freshly painted by the weekend.

My computer has blown up! I am in dire straights here! ALL my work is on the computer. I fear all is lost!!! Dear me!!!!!!!

Thanks for email on house. I'm trying to look this week. Finish up my class and cry over computer.

Got a good report from doctor yesterday. Will await the rest of the test results. But he said all looks good.

Busy week!

monkey October 7, 2008 at 10:37 AM  

oh, these pictures are beautiful...makes me want to sit in a flowered dress and sip a mint julep.
and, um, i got some sort of beautiful package in the wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
you are so awesome...and it is just what i needed to make me smile. it was such i a lovely surprise and i'm so touched.
i'm in the process of locating my camera (*sigh*...i can't seem to find it) but once i do, i'll show you how i've displayed my new gorgeous-ness.
thank you, thank you, thank you!

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