Thursday, October 30, 2008

Totally Worth It

Just ask Nat how fun that NKOTB concert was completely worth the money and time! Loved all of it. Could have done without the idiot Lady Gaga's performance beforehand...but Natasha Bedingfield did a nice job. The guys looked really good...and to anyone who thinks that NKOTB is lame (Kinsley) you should have been there to see how hot they were looking...ask Nat, it was good times.

What wasn't such good times was the MORONS behind us. Two women who were pretty much trashed before the concert even started. Julie and I had made buddies with the people directly next to us and had chatted some while waiting. And, all the time I was watching these spazzes behind us romping all around like they were in the ATL clubbing and watching the ginormous beer cup slosh back and forth thinking, "wow--that poor girl next to me is probably going to get beer poured on her before the night's over..."

Next thing I know, big, cow patty behind me sloshed her drunken self my way and out comes part of her beer down my back, my arm and my hair. I. WAS. PISSED. I don't drink and I think beer smells and tastes disgusting, so having it on me and being cold because of it wasn't my idea of a good time. So I pushed the girl. Totally not lying. I pushed her to get her attention and told her she poured beer on me. She said, "I'm so sorry, I would never do that on purpose--this right here is too good to waste. I have to laugh about it now, because she was so stupid.

Other than that moment, we had a blast. I'm sure I'm slightly more deaf now than before---not even because of music, because of screaming. They put on a great show and we also enjoyed the free show in the parking lot while waiting for everyone to clear out. We waited about 40 minutes before we tried to leave so we saw A LOT of people attempting to locate their vehicles that they had "misplaced." :) We even saw two drunk chicks stumbling around and one picked up a florescent yellow traffic director's vest she found on the ground and proceeded to "direct" traffic. Her friend took pictures while she did this. It was so awesome.

We went to sleep around 2:30 and got up around 11:00. :) To balance out our IRresponsible "don't go to work because we stayed out late for a concert behavior" we went and voted today. :) (We did take the day off beforehand though, and didn't just call in with fake sicknesses. hee.)


monkey October 31, 2008 at 11:02 AM  

you totally got into a fight at a new kids concert. you're kind of my hero right now.
i think maybe i should dress up as you for halloween today and just walk around pushing people while singing 'the right stuff'.

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