Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Second Location I Promised

I've been a bad blogger, but I just haven't had it in me. No desire whatsoever to blog. And normally where I would feel slightly guilty about not posting something, I didn't this time. I have completely decided to give up the daily posts on the happenings at work---since I started Art At Stark where I will post the projects the students are working on for parents and everyone to see. And, I don't want to get completely burnt out and talk about it all in two places. Something I've definitely learned about myself is that if things are optional I enjoy them more and will go at them with complete enthusiasm and gusto but as soon as I feel OBLIGATED or pressured to do it, it becomes mundane and no fun anymore. That's probably why I've had no desire to be here typing thoughts.

For now I will leave you with the second abandoned location we visited in Atlanta: The abandoned bank on Moreland Ave. I didn't get the bank in its entirety in a shot because of the lenses I took, so here is what it looks like from a fellow flickr user's photostream.
It totally has a tree or two growing out from the middle of it!
Here are my photos from the adventure:
The path we took
The path we took
The path we took 2
Drive-thru for faster service
For quick drivethru service
It was mostly bullet proof
Just a quick snack
Must Not Have Liked The Sunny D
With a side of chicken bone
Gimme Some Chunk Lite
Were they trying to tell us something?
Nah, just pick it up and pose with it
We should exit
The scenery inside
graffiti 2
The bank used to have a little water and greenery in the middle and is now a mosquito infested jungle
Jungle In The Middle
We thought it would be humorous to pose like the people do in scary movies when they are doing something stupid and are messing around with the camera when they should be worried about how they are all about to die...these are those shots--Kerry has more on his camera
Being Stupid
Kerry's Legs Look Shaved And That Makes Me Laugh
Me looking like a dork
And the moment when I looked around the corner and thought it was the end of our scary movie adventure...yikes! Prime real estate
Glad They Aren't Home
Thankfully they weren't home or else they could have been upset about us "trespassing."
I actually told Mom and Aunt Peggy about our adventures today while we were out. Mom said, "But you're NEVER going to go back there again, right!" I said, "Definitely not, we're not going back to the bank again..." ha. Aunt Peggy laughed.


monkey September 28, 2008 at 12:17 AM  

i, myself, am going through a bit of a dry spell with blogging, too. kind of comforting to know we're both in it :-)

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