Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Haven't Drowned Yet

Still here, treading water. My head is almost completely under but not quite yet. Still have mad love for my blog, just so many other things needing to be completed. I've got to get a banner made with our school name for the stupid fairbooth that I curse being in charge of every year--that's ok because this year I have a plan...will explain more later. Also been busy planning the Fall Festival for November 1st, coming up with business strategies for the photog business, choosing fifth grade students for Art club---writing the permission slip/purpose of said club---and planning the design for an Art club t-shirt in my head. Also waiting to hear back from t-shirt lady about a t-shirt I dreamed up for us Specials teachers. Avoiding the yearbook at all costs, though I'm not successfully avoiding it if it's on my brain 17/7 :) (I figured in some time for sleeping!).

Oh yeah, and the really crazy stuff on my brain/plate is the self evaluation/personal goals/school goals write up dealio I have to do for the class keys field test, also the differentiated instruction lesson I have to come up with to be taped and then watched by the entire faculty, AND how I have to be in on the SACS committee meeting and hope they don't ask me anything about our school's mission/goals. "Uh, yes---well I don't know our school's mission or goal statement word for word, but my personal goal Miss is to refrain from laying my hands on certain individuals on a daily basis so as to not do them bodily harm. Oh, and I love to make Art with kids." NOW THAT is a radical statement.


Natalie September 24, 2008 at 9:45 PM  

Well, since you have nothing else to do and are obviously BORED out of your mind....you should have lots of time to add S-Portraits to your "Blogs I Dig" list. :) Heehee.

Sarah B. B. September 25, 2008 at 9:10 PM  

Don't drown. That would make me SAD.

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