Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dare I?

Could he ponder any deeper

Pondering some more

This picture of Casey pondering is a perfect one for this post...

I DO NOT discuss politics or religion with people in "real life" so I have never written anything about either on my blog. I think they're two areas that can cause the best of friendships to part ways. I also think they are two things that people don't seem to appreciate that it's OK for someone to have other views/opinions other than their own. It's something that tends to bring out the ugliest aspects of people...and also the ultimate in hypocrisy.

I used to have more fight in me when it came to these two topics and I was young and very opinionated. I'm still opinionated but for some reason don't have the same fight in me for debating these two topics because it just doesn't seem like something for ME to debate. In recent years, I'm more quiet on these topics.

I can cover the religion topic here in just a few sentences...if you want candid---here goes...I joined a church in college and was VERY active in that church for a good number of years--held leadership positions, taught classes, etc... My devotion to that church dwindled away for various reasons and I find great comfort and respite from having moved away so that I now can sleep in on Sundays and not have the same pressures put on me that I had when I was in Valdosta. I have not jumped into the church scene here for the same various reasons and don't plan on it either. I quite frankly, selfishly enjoy my slothful Sundays where I make my OWN schedules and rules. Did I give up on God just because I quit going to church? No, I don't believe so. And don't get me started on how the majority of people attend church every Sunday, so that they can feel justified in slamming the hell out of someone's character, views, lifestyle, disposition, any differences name it, Monday-Saturday. Merely attending church doesn't secure you a seat in Heaven (rather how you treat others/your thoughts and deeds probably are large factors I'm sure). I'm sorry, but that's my opinion and it's one I will never change. I know a lot of good people who attend church and for some people it makes them a better person and they need that and it's all good...but we all know there are people who use church as their way of feeling like they are better than the rest of the world.

Nothing happened or was said to me for me to share this now, but what did trigger this diarrhea of the keyboard is Dooce's post on politics. Since I never write about politics or religion, I figured if I was going to breach one, I'd cover them both and be done with it.

I agree very much with most of what Dooce has said. And, I think there will be many people who will not vote for Obama because he looks and acts differently than what they are used to viewing as a President. I think that people will vote for McCain because he is an OLD ass WHITE MAN. I don't think there's really any simpler way to put it.

I won't pretend to know anything about politics...I hate NPR (sorry Sarah) and can't stand most of the news. I know nothing about politics and the history of who has screwed what up. I am not ashamed to admit that this is the first election I've found myself caring about. Is Obama perfect? No, but nobody is and I think he is someone wanting to make a difference and not do the same exact thing that hasn't been working for years. After reading how Palin exaggerated and lied in a great deal of her speech, I can't see how people could ignore that. And also, is anyone thinking to themselves that McCain chose a woman because he figured that was going to get his foot in the door a little easier? I'm sorry, but just because I have ovaries doesn't mean I should choose a woman...and by the same token that is no reason to discount someone either.
I don't know anything about Biden either, but I do think Obama and Clinton would have made a really good team. People say she's a bitch...but to me that's just a lame way of saying that she doesn't back down and gets the job done---that teamed with Obama's ability to remain calm and see a bigger picture down the road, seems like it would have been very complementary.
*now stepping off soapbox and putting bullet proof armor back over tender heart and extremities*
And like Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.


K2daK September 6, 2008 at 7:24 PM  

Dare I be the only one to make a comment?

My father (you know his name) feels almost the same way about religion as you do-he doesn't feel like he has to go to church to worship God. I enjoy church because I like to hear the message, it often goes with what is going on in my life. I like church to help out with things that need to be helped out with (that is funny sounding)-I don't enjoy ALL church people, a lot of stuff goes on there with different people. BUT I am not there for those people I am there for me, I am there to grow my realationship with God and to learn. I don't always agree with views on lifestyle when it comes to church and I know I don't always agree with abortion issues either (I personally think that if a woman has been raped then she deserves the right to abort that baby if she were to become pregnant from the rape-even "in the family rapes"-oh yes I went there!)There's my candid picture on religion. :)

Politics...I will keep that one to myself, not because I disagree with you, but because I am not sure where my vote will land this year, but I have a feeling my vote will be very different from my pastor & husband & dad for that matter. I remember my dad stroking out when I told him who I voted for in my very first election, but I think it made him proud that A. I voted and B. I could back up my stance very good. :)

Monkey September 6, 2008 at 8:07 PM  

I hear you on the only one to comment...
lowercase monkey did comment to this in another now I have two comments on this one. I've been sweating it a little bit wondering if I was going to get some serious backlash...maybe I have and just don't know about it. ;) I guess I feel like since it's MY blog and MY thoughts that I shouldn't be afraid to say what I feel and what I want to say...but yet there's always that hesitation/trepidation (said in the way we say words ending in "ion") that bad things are going to happen because I expressed my opinion. I worry about it less with each year of age added on I think!!
Thank you for your comment.

Sarah B. B. September 7, 2008 at 8:37 AM  

Yeah, I love that you can post inflammatory election rhetoric (kidding) and get no crazy spam comments, but I talk about the election in the same post as a stupid fake-lake-resort that should remain nameless and I get hateful spam within 4.2 seconds! I digress... ;)
The bigger issue to me, which KK sort of brought up, is that you vote AT ALL. I've read some blog posts recently, mostly from the Christian womanhood end of my blogroll, who said that they weren't going to vote at all until Palin jumped in the mix. Whaaaaa???
First of all, I know we get confused about this sometimes, but something bad has to happen before the VP is in charge. That's right - we can't count on McCain keeling over so that she can be in charge! (And if you've noticed his mother, odds are very much against him keeling over.) Being as she and I agree on exactly ONE issue (that would be the abortion thing), I'm not excited to see her in higher office. It's no secret I am an Obama fan - I am NOT a Biden fan, and I definitely feel sold down the river to the GOP on that one.
I think people tend to get a little crazy around the presidential election, and completely forget about the separation of powers and federal system of our government: no one person controls all of it, people! We're not electing a dictator, we're electing a President, who can only execute laws passed by Congress. So, what that means for you, is that rather than huffing & puffing about what you *think* will happen to your taxes, and actually pay attention to WHO YOU SEND TO CONGRESS! Not to mention who you send to your state government! Pay attention! {It's like teaching 2nd grade all the time...}
This comment is so long that I'm not sure Blogger will even post it - we'll have to save religion for another day...

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