Thursday, August 28, 2008


Do you find as you get older that you become not as great at something you once KNEW you were super at? I just had a moment up there typing "nineteen" where I had to think about the spelling of it...geez. I guess it's FOR REAL what they say about if you don't use it you lose it! ha!

The kids were really good today and we got some fabulous Art finished. Lennye loves her class so much that I almost had to kick her out of the room so that we could start making some Art! She might stay with us when we start our Edward Hopper "The Long Leg" project. He's one of her favs. After she demonstrated her drawing skills for us on the board this morning--we all agreed that she might need to sit in on some classes! :)

In about an hour (less by the time this will be published) I have to go back to school for a dedication ceremony...can't wait to see what kind of bleep kissing...that will entail. You get what I'm saying. I SO love how people put on a great show when important people are watching. I like to sit back and watch the fakeness unfold.

Anyway, here are some recent pics of my classroom with the IKEA bathmats I use for rugs to have them line up on and some kids are able to fit on them while I'm doing my lessons at the board while they are on the floor. I need to get more so that they won't have to fight over them as much. There would have been more colors, but they were completely out when I went, except for these few.
Also here are the other areas of the room since putting up posters and things.

Feel free to skip the tour and go down to the bottom to the awesome moment with fifth grade in regards to my ROYGBIV organized closet.

And there's one more tour of the room that wasn't all that needed since you've already had one...but I needed something for day nineteen so humor me! :)
And Nat...please refrain from picking on me about the "Figure Five In Gold" poster that is too far to the right compared to the others...I know you want to and I see it too, but that stuff is majorly sticky, so it's not moving for a while. :)

Speaking of "Figure Five In Gold" by Charles Demuth, we started that this week in fifth grade and they are doing their own number five with things that represent them around it. While giving examples I drew my five and then put dog paws, a camera, Art supplies, etc... around it and started coloring with rainbow colors...I told the kids that even my closet is arranged by rainbow colors and I could see how excited they were to KNOW something like that about me. It was COOL. I told them how pretty it is and also how easy it is to find a shirt when I already know what color I want to wear. I had on a red and pink striped shirt today and one perceptive boy said, "You went to the first section, the red one, to pick that shirt out today, huh?" I said, "YES INDEED!"


Sarah B. B. August 28, 2008 at 8:43 PM  

That is supercool that someone noticed! Who was it? :)

Monkey August 29, 2008 at 6:57 AM  

(I think I remember correctly who it was)and you're gonna love of your former babies--Hunter W.! He's always been a favorite and has always seemed to be someone that actually NOTICES things and doesn't assume that teachers are robots. :) I heart Hunter W. :)

Lennye August 30, 2008 at 9:38 AM  

Who would be my baby!!!!

Natalie August 31, 2008 at 9:01 PM  

So funny! I didn't even notice the figure 5 poster! You would be SO proud of me--I am totally learning to let things go. Okay, not all things, but some things. Well, a few things. Okay, so if I was there in person it would probably have to be moved.... :)

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